Wednesday, June 5, 2013

White Hot Heat Mani #4...Holographic!

Hi there!

It feels good to be back, writing up a new post. I know it has been a few days. These NBA playoffs have been so exciting and nerve-wracking to watch at the same time. I am more of a football girl, but this year I realized how much fun I had watching my baby brother play basketball for his high school team, and not long after I decided to get into some NBA action as well. I realized I like basketball more than I thought, and following the Miami Heat has been a blast. They made it into the finals, in case you aren't aware, and I decided to do another mani inspired by the team. I tried water marbling, but lets just say that didn't work out too well LOL... When all else fails in terms of nail art, or anything for that matter, stick to what you're comfortable with and know. That for me is striping tape... Here we go! 


At first I thought everything you see kind of clashed with each other, but overall I'm happy with the result. The white polish is Nicole by OPI "All about the Glam", the silver holo is Milani "HD", the black is "Matte is Murder" from ManGlaze (with top coat), and I used Jade "Vermehlo Surreal" and "Mystic Gold" for the flames. I used the plastic baggie method for the Heat logo on my thumb using white and red nail art polishes. How do you like this mani? I am thinking of doing one more before the finals are over. Have fun watching if you're a basketball fan, and go Heat!

                                                                           - Tiff


  1. I hate the Miami Heat. Lol! But your mani is really pretty :)

  2. Love it! let's go Heat!!