Monday, March 23, 2015

Scratch Nail Wraps in "All Seeing Eyes"


I know it's been a long time since I've been able to write a blog post. I'm glad I got to squeeze in this post featuring one of my favorite nail wraps designs to date, from my favorite brand Scratch. I'm a monthly mani box subscriber as you all may know already, and their February box was designed with Audrey Kitching. Her designs are so funky and artistic, and they really speak to me. I've used all but one design from her collection, the "All Seeing Eyes", so here it is for you to see. This look definitely turned some heads! ;) 

At first, I was bit worried about how the nude base color would look on my skin tone, but I absolutely love it! I am planing on getting a backup set of these real soon :) 

What do you think about these nail wraps? Would you wear something like this? See ha with a new post later this week! 

-Tiff C 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NCLA with Steph Stone "Cute A.F." nail wraps


I am finally getting around to writing a new post! This is a very busy time of the year at work, but it's probably better to keep moving than otherwise. Luckily, I've still been able to get in a mani every once in a while, and get a pic or two up on Instagram. Here we go...

So as you all know, I love nail wraps, but tend to stay away from the kind that are not made of nail polish. There's something about the sticker kind that do not cooperate with curved nail beds like mine; they wrinkle up on the sides, and don't lay completely flat (no bueno!). I did give a set of NCLA nail wraps a second try a while back, and it seemed like there was some hope with them. I just love the designs that this brand has, and if applied successfully, they make for an amazing look on the nail after a coat of your favorite shiny top coat. I took advantage of a "Just Because" sale that NCLA was offering over the weekend, and decided to grab Stephanie Stone's "Cute A.F." nail wraps, which have been on my wish list for weeks. Check out the pics below! :)

When I first used NCLA nailw wraps a couple of years ago, the wraps were a little on the thick side, and not very pliable. I'm happy to see that they have made an improvement with the flexibility so that people with curved nail beds can wear them much easier now! Out of all of the nail wraps that I've tried that are not made of nail polish, I would say that the NCLA kind are the most curved nail bed-friendly out there.

Thanks for checking out this post! See ya next time :)

- Tiff