Monday, January 28, 2013

Another ManGlaze Mani!


Last Friday was my baby brother's senior night basketball game. I knew I wanted to paint my nails for the game, and his school colors are orange and brown. I immediately knew I wanted to go through my ManGlaze collection and pull out "Butt Taco" and "Santorum"... LOL... I showed my nails to my little brother after the game, but I did not tell him the names of the polishes... haha ;) I'm a huge ManGlaze fan, so I was excited to try to do a tape mani with these two colors for South Miami Senior High School spirit!

What you see here is after my second attempt. My first attempt with the striping tape was a total fail. My first coats of polish weren't dry enough, and I forgot to take off some of the adhesive of the strips I had cut. Waiting until the underlying polish is completely dry, and making the tape less sticky definitely helps. Hopefully I'll be able to attempt more complex designs next time. How do you like how this came out? I was very satisfied with it once I got the hang of it!

- Tiff

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jane Loves Tarzan by China Glaze

Hi everyone!

Today I have a quick post about nail appliques from China Glaze. I've done mostly leopard-print nails all this time, but when I saw these Giraffe ones I just had to snag them. These had been sitting in my nail app pile for quite a while, so I'm glad I decided to finally break them out. I got so many compliments on my nails with these this past weekend!


When I saw that these nail apps are called "Jane Loves Tarzan", I couldn't help but smile a bit. Tarzan is one of my favorite Disney movies! From the story line, to the amazing animation, and the oh so awesome soundtrack featuring Phil Collins, I just can't ever watch anything else when this movie comes on. I'm a very artsy person, so things like that always stand out to me ;)  Here's one of my favorite songs from the movie. Enjoy, and see you next time!
- Tiff 

Sonnetarium peppermint kiss

Hello, polish peeps!😘

Today I have another quick post about another cute indie polish I found. This is "Peppermint Kiss" from Sonnetarium.

First off, I want to mention how sweet Michelle Wu, the woman behind the brand, is. I was in such a rush and overly excited when ordering this polish a few days back that when I was typing in my address info, I put in the wrong house number in costumer info before checking out. Just when I was tracking the package down and saw it had arrived in Miami, the following shipping update stated that the package was being taken back to the sender. I bugged Michelle and realized it was my silly mistake and figured I had to wait even more patiently for the package to arrive again. Luckily the mail person recognized my name on the package and brought it to my house despite the fact I put in the wrong house number on the Sonnetarium website. Michelle was so nice and even excited when I told her I got my package in a timely manner after all. I will never forget her kindness through it all. Cliche, I know, but us polish addicts get freaked out in situations like that one! LOL! Anyways... Enjoy the pics I posted below.

What you see here is three coats. For some reason, the glitter wanted to go on at the bottom of my nail towards the nail bed, so I had to "place" the glitter a bit to get it more even-looking. Otherwise, the formula was good. This one will definitely be one of my favorite holiday polishes from here on out!

Sonnetarium sells mini bottles and full-sized bottles on their website here. This is my first polish from them, and I definitely plan on getting more in the future!

- Tiff

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Ten Friends Nail Polish

Hello, Talon-ers!

Today I have some more indie polishes to show you. Here are three amazing polishes from My Ten Friends!

"Pew! Pew! Pew!": LOL at the name of this one! I layered one generous coat of this over two coats of "Ski teal we drop" from OPI. I absolutely love the color combinations between the shimmery base and glitters! Sorry this pic doesn't have the best focus!

"Pew! Pew! Pew!" in pretty!

"Space Sauce": I had to go with this one because it's blue, and I love blues...I layered one coat  over Essie's "Mesmerize". Beautiful.

"Space Sauce" in the sun. Kind of reminds me of A-England's "Order of the Garter", but on

"Dirt Ball": Hard to imagine such a pretty color having a name like "Dirt Ball"... Ha ha. This one has to be my favorite out of the three. I just love the contrast of the brown and turquoise glitters here. I layered two coats of this polish over one thick coat of Essie's "Hot Coco". This polish has been a hit among nail polish lovers who keep up with indies. 
Here is "Dirt Ball" in the Miami sunlight...once again, amazingly pretty!

My Ten Friends polishes are made by Mei-Lynn out of Pasadena California. I came across "Dirt ball" by reading  a review from another nail blogger friend of mine, Jody from Captivating Claws, and knew I had to snag it eventually. In celebration of the last repetitive date we will see, 12/12/12, Mei-Lynn had a nice sale on her Etsy shop that day, and I was able to snag three colors because of that. I was so happy I had my iPad ready to go and prepared to order once the sale went live! I can't wait to get some more polishes from her in the future. What do you guys think about these? I love them :)

- Tiff

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Brattlesnake"

Hi Talon-ers!

Today I have a quick post about Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Brattlesnake"!

I have been changing my polish a lot lately, and whenever I have weeks like that, I like to give my nails a bit of a break by putting on a set of nail polish strips/stickers for a few days.

There has been question about what type of top coat to use with these, if any, because of the concern of lifting or peeling. I normally used a quick-drying top coat to finish these off, and did experience some of the strips lifting up a bit near the cuticles at times. I always thought that it was because I did not press them down well enough, but I think the formula of quick-drying top coats causes the strips to lift up. I'm not sure why that is, but above I have on a regular-drying top coat and I did not have any lifting at all. So, there you have it: a regular-drying top coat works best with nail polish strips; if you're the type of person that has to use top coat all the time like me ;) See you next time!

- Tiff

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sea Lore Wintry Friends Collection

Hi everyone!

I finally got around to wearing these polishes I got from Sea Lore!

Seriuosly, though... There were so many amazing polishes that came out during the holiday season, that I found my self having a hard time keeping up with them all! That explains why I am showing you this winter collection today, almost mid January...Ha ha.... Anyways, here are the polishes from the Sea Lore Wintry Friends collection. Most of you have seen these already from other bloggers, so I'll try to let the pics do most of the talking. All of the pictures shown are with three coats of polish and Gelous with top coat, with the exception of "Beluga Blizzard"; which I layered. Here we go!

Wintry Whale: This was my second favorite of this collection, as I'm a huge fan of blues.

Arctic Otter: This one was my favorite! I love how it looks on me, and I got compliments on it  when I wore it the other day :)

Beluga Blizzard: This polish reminds me of snow! I layered one coat over "Grey-t to be here" from Essence.

Glacial Grayling: Super cute and sparkly color! I had to add another pic with a different angle to try to pick up the holographic glitter for you to see!

Snowy Seal: Nice silver, glittery shade. I like how it has lighter and darker colored glitter in it.
So, there ya have it! I was so excited when Jamie announced the line up for this collection, and I just had to get them all. I love how she offers both full-sized and mini-sized bottles. As of right now, I have every single mini bottle of polish she has to offer, including a custom made color she made for a fellow polish buddy of ours. I will definitely make a post for the other Sea Lore polishes I have, and even wear some of the ones I've worn already again; just so you can see them all on my blog. Have you guys tried Sea Lore yet? If not, I recommend you do! You'll totally love them :)

- Tiff

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fatty's Got More Blood & Cobra Couture

Hey Guys!

   I'm going to the Miami Heat game with my little brother tomorrow night, and I wanted to do something a little fun with my nails for it. The past few packages I have ordered from Incoco have come with little samples of "Cobra Couture" strips from their fall snake-print themed collection. I knew I wanted to use them for accent nails at some point, and I thought the shade "Fatty's Got More Blood" (I know, hilarious name) from ManGlaze would go perfectly with it. So, here's my combination of the ManGlaze Matte nail polish and polish strips from Incoco!

I'm right-handed, and as expected, my left hand usually comes out better whenever I do my nails. I feel like my right hand turned out much better this time...LOL     

   I really love how this came out. I used two generous coats of "Fatty's" here, and topped the Incoco strips with a quick-drying top coat.

   You guys know how much I love Incoco, but you may not know how much of a ManGlaze fan I am. I have about 11 of their polishes (I just need a couple more to complete my collection), and they are just amazing. Most matte polishes last only a day or two on the nail, but MG's tend to last much longer. On top of that, the guys behind this brand are hilarious. Most of their polishes have the funniest names ever... I "liked" their Facebook page, and constantly find my self cracking up at a lot the things they post every day. Nothing like starting off your day with a good laugh, right? I buy my MG polishes on Amazon, but they also have a Facebook store.

   Well, there you have it. I'm so glad I'll be going to the Heat game with my little brother tomorrow. It's about time we have a brother-sister night! :) Hopefully we'll beat the Chicago Bulls! Go Heat!

- Tiff