Friday, August 30, 2013

MJ week post #5

Hello, everyone!

Today is the final day in posting manis inspired by Michael Jackson. I really hope you all enjoyed looking at them, and that it brought some happiness to some of you who are fans of his. For my final look I decided to keep it simple. I used Zoya "Delilah", a glowing sparkly red, as the base with some silver accents. Take a look below.


Thanks again for joining me in celebrating the King of Pop this week. It was so much fun. I will definitely be doing this again next year.Hopefully my nail art skills will be much better by then (baby steps!). I'll be back to regular postings next week. See you then :)

- Tiff 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

MJ week post # 4

Hello everyone!

Well, today is the day that is the center of MJ week here on my blog: his birthday. I really wanted to remember him on what would have been his 55th birthday in a special way. With all of the negative press surrounding his personal and family life right now, I wanted to remember him for the amazing and inspiring artist he was. For the past few days, me and my fellow nail blogger friends have been spreading the word about what I wanted to try on Instagram, in having as many nail fans as possible post pictures of a manicure with a silver glitter bomb accent (to represent the glove he wore) today. Well, here's how mine came out below! I was kind of hard on myself with my previous post, but I have to say that I really love how this one came out! 

The polishes I used are A-England "Bridal Veil" (black holographic base), Finger Paints "Red-Aissance", and OPI "Crown me already" and Khroma Beauty "Crush Coup de Cour" over a white base for the glitter bomb accent. The studs are from the Born Pretty Store.

If Michael is "looking down" on us and our nails right now, I think that he would be happy. I may be a newbie blogger at the moment (I haven't even been on here for a year yet), but I wanted to take the time to thank my nail blogger friends Lakiesha (Refined and Polished) and Jess (LuvMyLacquer) for being so awesome with encouraging me to do this and spreading the word amongst their blog viewers as well. What do you guys think of this whole idea? What are you doing to remember the King of Pop today? I'm teaching my tap classes today at the studio, and his music will definitely be playing! I'll see you tomorrow for my last post of MJ week! Thanks for taking a look!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MJ week post #3

Hi, guys!

Today I have my third MJ-inspired look for you. I used three different polishes to come up with the look I did below. I used Zoya "Song" as the base, the stunning blue from Zoya's fall collection from last year. I then followed it up with accents using China Glaze's "Water you waiting for" and "Cheers to you", along with "Golden Coast" by Funky Fingers for the french tips.

I'm looking at this mani and kind of hoping that I took it a bit further. Michael always took risks with his fashion sense and it always seemed to work, and I feel like I kind of went a little too safe. The blue of Zoya "Song" is so pretty, though... Hopefully you guys like this look more than I do... Oh, and don't forget that tomorrow is MJ's birthday and a day to remember him on Instagram! I hope you'll join!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MJ week post #2

Hi there!

I had a lot of fun creating this next MJ inspired look for you all. I used a couple of Minx nail foils in "Triangle Tango" design, and two China Glaze metallic polishes : "Midnight Kiss" (Gold) and "Cheers to you" (Silver). The Minx foils really remind me of mechanical bolts, almost like those in machines or robots. Since a lot of MJ's dance movements were robotic, I thought these would be perfect! I hope you like how it all came out!


MJ week continues on the blog tomorrow! See ya then! :)

                                                                         - Tiff

Monday, August 26, 2013

Michael Jackson week on Tiffany's Tasteful Talons Blog


Today marks the first day of MJ week on my blog! Last year I had so much fun coming up with different looks inspired by some of MJ's most famous costumes during the week of his birthday. Here is my first look inspired by a costume from the Bad tour. I used three coats of China Glaze "Hook and Line" as the base, and a black and silver polish for the French tips and buckles. I hope you enjoy!

I free-handed the tips and buckles because I did not have any tape lying around the day I did this. I would say that it came out fairly well, considering the fact that I don't have a lot of nail art experience. Like the saying goes, it's the thought that counts, right? Lol. I hope you all like this, and don't forget to join me and other nail enthusiasts on MJ's birthday (August 29th) in posting a silver glitter bomb nail accent mani on Instagram! It's going to be fun! :) 


Saturday, August 24, 2013

My favorites from Sonnetarium's Spring 2013 collection

Hi there!

Ok, I know I am super late with these polishes. You will have to forgive me. This is what happens when you rack up a whole bunch of polishes almost all at once and have a hard time figuring out which ones to wear next. I remember being in such a hurry to order these one pay day, and I just wore them a few days ago... Better late than never, right? Here are my picks from Indie brand Sonnetarium's Spring (yes...Spring...) 2013 Fresh collection. I used three coats for each polish (three coats over a white base for Banana Pudding), followed by quick-drying top coat.

"Banana Pudding"

"Blueberry Yogurt"

"Cucumber Salad"

How yummy are these? I have ordered from Sonnetarium before, and I absolutely love their mini-sized bottles. Hopefully they don't look funny in these pics; I have very long hands and it gets a little tricky holding some mini bottles in an attractive way. The Fresh collection is still available on the Sonnetarium website, and they even have a new collection out now. I would definitely recommend checking them out.  Have you tried Sonnetarium polishes before? They have some really great glitter combos! See ya next time :)

                                                                         - Tiff

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tiffany's Tasteful Talons remembers the King of Pop

Hello, everyone

For those of you who know me well, you know that Michael Jackson is one of my favorite artists. I had grown up hearing his music on the radio as a kid, but really fell in love with his tunes and dancing talents when the 30th anniversary concert aired on tv back in 2001. It's been four years since Michael passed away, and it still just doesn't seem real to me. I often times cannot wrap my head around the fact that he is gone. Maybe it's because whenever I hear his songs on the radio, come across his "short films" on tv, or even find some concert footage on YouTube, it's almost like he's still alive in a way. 

Last year, before I started blogging, I wanted to combine my love of nail polish and MJ by doing my nails in ways that were inspired by some of the biggest moments in his career. I did five different looks the week of his birthday last year, showing them to all of my friends on Facebook, revealing my fifth and final one on his birthday. I'm going to be doing it again this year, possibly making it a yearly tradition, and I'd love for you all to join in. If you follow Nicole over at Nail Polish Wars, you know that she brought together many people in the nail polish community on Instagram to paint their nails in a tribute to sweet Talia Joy. I was thinking that it would be cool to do tribute manis for Michael Jackson on the day of his birthday. I would love for anyone wanting to participate to come up with their own MJ mani and post it on Instagram with the hash tag "manisforMJ". I think we should do a mani incorporating a silver glitter bomb accent nail, representing the glove we all know so well! So, August 29th is MJ's birthday! Hope to see you then on Instagram! With all of the negativity surrounding MJ's personal life and family in the media right now, I think that if he were looking down and saw this, he'd be really happy :) Here's a look back at what I did last year (please remember I wasn't a blogger at the time I did these! Go easy on 


- Tiff C

Monday, August 19, 2013

Geisha water nail decals mani

Hi, everyone!

Long time, no see!

I know I haven't blogged in a while, but it is mainly because I was away from home quite a bit longer than I was expecting. Everything is good, it's just that I didn't bring my digital camera along with me because I did not think I would need it. Anyways, I'm back now and ready for you to see this mani I did before I left. I had been browsing the Born Pretty Store and saw these beautiful Geisha water nail decals. I thought they were so unique and like a work of art. I ordered these, and a couple of other fun designs too. Take a look at the pics below!

Here are the Geisha decals over three coats of "Blush Peony" from the Nuance by Salma Hayek line.


How do you like this look? I absolutely loved it! In case you're wondering, applying water nail decals is super easy: think of how you would apply a temporary tattoo, and you basically have the process of applying them. I can't wait to show you the other designs I ordered from the Born Pretty Store. The fact that they have so many awesome products to choose from for such a great price, and free standard shipping, will definitely keep me going back for more ;) Thanks for taking a look, and I'll see ya next time!

                                                                      - Tiff 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Incoco limited edition nail polish appliques in "Shoshanna" design

Hi there!

I have a new nail polish appliques look to show you today. A while ago, the company Incoco created a limited edition collection of shades inspired by the HBO show Girls. I honestly never watched the show, because I'm more of a "reality" tv girl, but the designs surely interested me. The company had a contest, with the prize being the entire collection of four designs, up for grabs. I enter contests on occasion, but believe me when I tell you that I NEVER win stuff! Some people have good luck with these things, and I was never among them until... I won these!!!! YAY! When I got the confirmation email from Incoco telling me that I was one of the winners, I couldn't help but think it was a mistake..."Umm, yeah, here's my mailing address"...LOL. I was so happy when my package arrived. Here's how the "Shoshanna" design came out :)

Cute, right? Like I mentioned above, I never watched the show, but I'm guessing the Shoshanna character is a bit of a girly girl? I imagine the designs are inspired by each character's personality? You guys would have to tell me. The Girls inspired collection was limited addition, but Incoco has many great designs to choose from. Their appliques are one of my favorites, among Sally Hansen's Salon Effects, OPI's Pure Lacquer Apps, and the ones by China Glaze. What do you guys think about the "Shoshanna" look? Does this design embody her character? 'Til next time!

                                                                       - Tiff