Monday, July 28, 2014

Scratch Nail Wraps in "Watercolor Splash"

Hello, and happy Mani Monday!

I absolutely love the look you'll be seeing today. I made a last minute choice late last night to put on these beautiful Scratch nail wraps after I had planned on wearing another set...these just spoke to me more, and I had to go with them. These "Watercolor Splash" nail wraps designed with Joy The Baker bring me back to my old days (hopefully not too old) of being an art kid in school, trying to master watercolor painting assignments given to me from my teachers. I've always been more of an acrylic paint type of person, but the effect you get with watercolor paints can be really cool too! I thought the colors in these nail wraps, which are mostly clear, would pop well over black; so I layered them after I painted two coats of a basic black creme polish. I hope you like how they came out as much as I do! 

This look is just so fun and artsy! I am definitely planning on keeping this look on for a bit! You might not see a new post from me for a while, as I'll be too busy looking at this mani until it ;)

So, what do you think? Remember, if you're interested in Scratch nail wraps you can either subscribe to their Monthly Mani Box or order wraps individually. You are sure to find some really unique designs from them :) See ya next time!

- Tiff 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Scratch Nail Wraps in "Daisy Days" with a gradient

Hello, everyone.

I have an attempt at the gradient to show you today, and I call it an attempt because I'm not too in love with how it came When I got my Monthly Mani Box from Scratch in collaboration with Joy The Baker, I knew that I wanted to layer the super cute and clear "Daisy Days" nail wraps over a gradient. I was going for a garden-y, green, flower child look, and ended up with what you'll see in the pics below. Again, not my best, but maybe it's not too bad either? You be the judge! ;) 

So, the Ruby Wing nail polish came with the MMB, and without me even knowing, it's a color-changer. It is actually a light green polish that changes to dark green in the sun light. I guess I just saw a green nail polish and went with it! I painted two coats of this one first, then I sponged on teal and brown holographic nail polishes (both from Hits). I've done better holo gradients before, so this one just isn't my favorite. Meh...

What'd you guys think about this look? I'll see ya with a new post soon, hopefully...I've been a little under the weather lately (sinus, allergies...yuck). See ya later! :)


Monday, July 14, 2014

OPI Nail Polish in "Muppets World Tour"

Hi, everyone :)

I wanted to show you all a nice and simple mani that I wore the other day. I just happened to be in the mood for something basic (not in a bad, yet pretty, and even a little sparkly. A few days prior, I had stumbled upon some blogger swatches of the OPI collection inspired by the latest Muppets movie, and the beautiful glitter "Muppets World Tour" really stood out to me. Before I knew it, this particular glitter made its way into my collection and right onto my nails without even thinking much about it. I knew right away that I wanted to layer it over a delicate pink, so I chose Sation's "Of Corset I'll Call You" as my base. I hope you like it! 

The only thing I would have changed about this mani is the amount of coats I used of "World Tour". I definitely could have packed on the glitter a bit more, but I was worried you wouldn't be able to see the Sation polish underneath very well. I think two coats would have been perfect, as the glitter covers well, but not too much. 

If you like this glitter as much as I do, be sure to check out your local beauty supply stores that carry OPI nail polishes, and see if any from the "Muppets Most Wanted" collection are in stock. They are priced at around $9 each, unless you can find them at a nail supply store that sells them for less. 

So, what do you think? I like to give myself a subtle mani every once in a while, after all the designs from the nail wraps I wear every week. See ya next time :) 

- Tiff 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

China Glaze Sea Goddess nail polishes

Hello, everyone!

It's halfway through the week, and I have a new post for you today. I noticed that I haven't worn any textured polishes in awhile, so I thought it would be a good time to do so. What I like most about textured polishes is the dry time... I can paint my nails with a textured polish right before I go to bed and not worry about waking up with any dents or dings. They also seem to last a bit longer on me than regular polishes do, for some reason. Anyways, I stopped by a Sally's beauty supply store one day and took a look at their clearance section. I happened to walk in at a time when all of the sale stuff was discounted by an extra 50%, so I decided to grab a few of the China Glaze Sea Goddess polishes. Check out "Wish On A Starfish" and "Seahorsin' Around" in the pics below. I used two easy coats for each. 

I loved how "Starfish" looked in the bottle, but I'm not so sure this color works with my skin tone. I really wanted it work, though! The other pink in the collection, "Shell We Dance",  which is a bit darker, probably would have worked better on me but that one was not available at the store. Teal polishes always seem to work well on my skin tone so I really like how "Seahorsin'"looks on me (just wish the sun cooperated more with me when I was taking the pics!). So, I might be a little late to the party with this collection, but I think if you decide to grab these now they could definitely still work for the remainder of the summer. 

What do you think about these? Are you still liking the textured trend, or are you ready ready for something new to come around? Or maybe some more textures in a different color scheme? See ya next time :)

- Tiff 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Compulsive Nails "Tribal American Flag" Nail Polish Strips

Hello, everyone!

Happy Fourth of July! 

Today I have some super cute and festive nail polish strips from Compulsive Nails. I ordered these a while back, and knew they would be perfect for today. Let's get to the pics, shall we?

Cute, right? I love how Alex (founder of Compulsive Nails) combined the tribal look with the American flag. I don't think if ever seen a look like this before. :)

Even though this is my second time using Compulsive Nails polish strips, I had a bit of trouble choosing the correct size for some of my nails; especially for my index nails that seem to be a bit narrower than the rest. Luckily each set of nail strips comes with plenty of sizes to choose from, just in case you make a mistake. They also peel off easily if you need to reapply them. In the end, it was worth the little trouble because I got lots of compliments on these when I was out and about,and I love looking at them myself! As usual, I start off with a base coat , then finish them off with top coat for some shine. 

What do you think about these nail polish strips? Do you have a festive look on your nails today? I hope you have a happy Fourth of July, and I'll see ya with some new posts next week :)