Monday, March 25, 2013

Jade "Extasy"

Hi, guys!

I planned on writing up this post last night, but strangely my wifi wasn't working; leaving me unable to use my laptop and iPad. Such a pain... Anyways, here's a quick post featuring a mani I did with a new blue/grey Jade holographic polish called "Extasy".



I used two easy coats of "Extasy" in these photos, along with a quick dry top coat that does NOT kill the hologram effect ("out the door")...YAYYY!!!I think this color is so beautiful.

I love my holographic polishes, and it's obvious that most nail polish-lovers do. This type of polish is always a hit in our community, and my blog posts that have the highest number of views just so happen to be holographic related. Hmmmm.... You can get this beautiful polish and other Jade holos here, on llarowe. It appears that "Extasy" is currently sold out, but Leah Anne always has restocks. "Like" the llarowe Facebook page to keep updated on when certain products are back in stock! See ya guys later! Happy polishing!

                                                                      - Tiff

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NCLA "Secession Strikes"

Hi Guys!

I had a great birthday. I spent the day relaxing, watching some basketball, and topped it off with dinner at Flanagan's with the family. Overall, I would say that the day went very well. I've been having so much fun with all this basketball going on. The University of Miami (the []_[])  won the ACC championship game, and the Miami Heat just beat the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight (in a nail-biter), keeping their winning streak going at 24 games! So exciting!

On to nails... I used this pack of NCLA nail wraps a few days ago, in the Seccession Strikes design, and here's how they came out on me.

I absolutely love the ikat design, but I'm not sure these came out perfect on me. These nail wraps are stickers; they are not nail polish strips. If you look closely, you can see some wrinkles here and there. I have seen these on other people, perhaps with much flatter nail beds than mine, and they looked absolutely perfect on them. People with curved nail beds like me, may have the same trouble I did when trying to get them perfectly flat. Maybe stickers don't work for people with curvier nail beds? Obviously, these didn't come out atrocious, but they could look better on me. I say, if you're lucky enough to have flatter nail beds, definitely go for it; and if you have super curved nail beds like me, then it'll take some skill to make them nice and smooth- if possible.

Nail polish apps definitely work better on me, but NCLA's designs are too beautiful to ignore. I ordered another set a couple of days ago when they had certain designs on sale, and I'm willing to give them another try. Perhaps I'll use them for accent nails, and really concentrate on getting two wraps per hand perfectly smooth instead of trying to do a full mani. It would be so nice if these were made from actual polish! Speaking of actual polish, NCLA also has a good amount of nail polish to choose from. You can go here for a full view off all of their products and a tutorial on how to apply the nail wraps if you've been wanting to try them out. Have you used any NCLA products before? What did you think? See you next time!

                                                                - Tiff

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Incoco "Kiss Me I'm Irish"

Hello everyone!

I can't believe I'm saying this right now, but, I am 25 years old today! Oh Boy! The years really do go by fast. I remember wondering what life would be like at around this age when I was a little kid, and here I am! Does anyone else feel like this? Anyways, I am thankful that I can say that I lived to see another birthday and Saint Patty's, and that's whats most important.

Here's my last green mani for the week, and it comes courtesy of another set of nail polish strips from Incoco. A few weeks ago, the company released a set of Saint Patrick's day designs, and I decided to buy the bundle of three designs, and save the ones I didn't use yet for next year. I had a hard time deciding which one to use first, but I finally went with "Kiss me I'm Irish", a glowing gold and green gradient.

 Isn't this pretty? I'm so glad I decided to go with these. I am really liking a lot of the designs Incoco has been coming out with lately. Their Easter and spring collections are super cute.  I hope you guys have some fun on this Saint Patrick's Day! See ya next week!

                                                                      - Tiff

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sea Lore St. Patty's Custom "Celtic Seahorse"


I'm so excited for this post today. Jamie from Sea Lore was nice enough to make a custom polish for me; my very first one. I knew if I wanted to ever request a custom-made polish, I would want for it to be Saint Patrick's Day colors, and Jamie more than delivered with this one. I'm so happy with how it came out! I decided to come up with the name "Celtic Seahorse" for this one because of the Sea and Irish combination going on here ...haha!

I layered two coats of this kelly green jelly with gold, white, and green glitter, over "Lucky Duck" from Orly.    
Isn't this polish cute? ;)
Somewhat of a close-up. I don't have the best camera in the world, but I think you get the point here... :)
I had to try to get a good pic of the bottle so you could see how cool all of the glitters look!
Sea Lore has to be one of my favorite indie brands. I have mini bottles of all of Jamie's polishes so far, and can't wait to see what she comes up with next. I am seriously feeling like I am running out of space to store all of my collection (yes, I have that many...), but I just had to get this custom in a full bottle because of the fact that it will be my special birthday polish (I'm a Saint Patrick's day baby, if I haven't mentioned that before) forever.

Keep up with Sea Lore on Facebook as well, for any updates or promos Jamie may have. Like I mentioned before, I am so super duper excited about how "Celtic Seahorse" came out, and it will be one of my birthday polishes from now on! What do you guys think? I'll see you for one more green post in a day or two!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sally Hansen "Hiss-terical"

Hi polish peeps!

How was everyone's day? I think I had a few great polish-related days this week. The other day I was able to snag some back-up Sally Hansen Salon Effects I found on clearance at Target; one of them came out to only .10 thanks to a $2 off of one coupon. I ordered two very unique holos from Jade off of (I can't wait to show you guys what these look like); and to top it all off, I was lucky enough to get three Nerd Lacquer polishes from Amanda's restock today. I missed her last one by just a couple of minutes (look out for updates here)... I got three out of the four I was dying to get, so I'm super happy, and the fourth I will have to move quicker for during her next restock... LOL. Do I sound like a nail polish psycho? I won't get offended if you say yes ;)

Anyways...on to more green, like I have been promising these past few posts, in honor of Saint Patrick's Day on Sunday. Sally Hansen did an exclusive set of snake-print designs for Target stores a while back, and I was able to get three of them; one of them being "Hiss-terical". I used Northern Lights from INM to give it a little sparkle.

How cute are these? When I bought them, I purposely saved these to wear for March. As usual, I love how SH Salon Effects wear on me...that would explain the large "stock pile" I have of them along with my other nail things. I've got a couple more posts scheduled before this week is over. I've been posting the most I ever have in a single week so far, but it's been fun. See ya in another day or two!


Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Patty's Holo mani

Hello, everyone!

I have more Saint Patty's green goodness for you to look at today! Who could resist holographic nail polish? I sure can't. I searched through my collection for the perfect green and gold complimenting holos I have, and came up with Jade "Mystic Gold" and Nubar "Reclaim". I absolutely love these two polishes together.

As you can probably tell, the holo effects are slightly different between the two. "Reclaim" is a bit more linear than "Mystic Gold", but they both have very strong amounts of hologram in them. I have on two coats of each here, and top coat did not lessen the holo effect at all. 

I think these two colors are must- haves for holo fanatics. The formula for both of these was great; two easy coats was all I needed. If you don't have these two already, I found "Reclaim" on Amazon, and "Mystic Gold" from What are you going to do with your nails for St. Patty's? What do you think about these two colors? I'll see you with some more green in my next post!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

ManGlaze "NawSome Sauce" with Funky Fingers "Golden Coast"

Hi Guys!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my last post, but since Saint Patrick's Day (which also happens to be my birthday) is right around the corner, I thought I'd do some green-related posts. Here is a manicure I did last night with "NawSome Sauce" from ManGlaze, with a tape accent using Funky Fingers "Golden Coast". I think this makes a great look for St. Patty's :)

This is two coats of "NawSome Sauce", and one coat of "Golden Coast" on the accent; with the use of some striping tape. I matted the glitter with China Glaze's "Matte Magic". 

I am trying to experiment more with the striping tape, and I think I am heading in the right direction. My last striping tape mani was very simple, so I feel like what I did here wasn't bad for my third attempt at it. As far as the polishes, I always get my MG's from their amazon store. "Like" their Facebook page for any updates, promos, and a good laugh. These guys at ManGlaze are too funny. I'm constantly cracking up at the things they post on there!

Funky Fingers polishes, to my knowledge, are sold only at Five Below stores. There aren't any here in Miami, so I got mine in a swap. I'll see you for my next green mani in a couple of days!

                                                                   - Tiff

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lush Lacquer "Green Genie"


It's the month of March, so it's only fitting that I try to squeeze in as many green-related posts as possible, right? Today I have a super cute indie polish from Lush Lacquer called "Green Genie", from their neon collection.

This is how my camera interpreted this shade. As you can see, it looks more pastel here than it does neon. The color and the super cute neon glitters really pop in person. I have on three coats and a top coat in these pics. I could have gotten away with two coats, but I did a third just because. I was also happy with the dry time with each coat I painted on.

I'm getting a little closer to color accuracy here. I love how the different colors and sizes of the glitters look against the green base.

Side angle ;)
This polish has to be one of the cutest polishes I own. I also grabbed "Blue Gypsy", which I can't wait to see  on me and show you here. These are my first Lush Lacquer's, so I decided to snag the two colors I got in mini bottles first. I was worried that I wouldn't have much product left after this first mani, but it turned out that I still have plenty of polish left. In case you didn't know, you can purchase these polishes from the mom and daughter team from their etsy store. Do you love "Green Genie" as much as I do? Do you own any Lush Lacquer polishes? See ya next time!

                                                                          - Tiff

Monday, March 4, 2013

China Glaze Sneaky Snake

 Hi Polish Peeps!

I'm back from Lakeland. My baby brother's team, the South Miami Cobras, finished as the runners-up in the State Finals. I'm proud of how far they made it. They faced a very tough team in the championship game, and hung in there. I think they had a great season overall, and making it as far as they did is a big accomplishment in my eyes. Since their mascot is the Cobra, I decided to apply these China Glaze nail polish strips in "Sneaky Snake" design for the weekend before we traveled up there.

You can't really see it any of these pics, but I do have on a coat of Northern Lights. I really wanted to get a good pic of this look in the sunlight, but there wasn't much of that this weekend here in 

 You guys already know how I feel about China Glaze's nail polish strips...I love them! I've got a whole bunch of them in my stock pile of nail stickers/polish strips, so there will definitely be more posts about them here in posts to come. Here are some pics of baby bro and the team from these past couple of weeks. I love my little brother so much, and I know I'll be seeing him play basketball on a bigger stage in the future. <3

                                                                       - Tiff

Me and my bro after they won their regional finals game on their home court.  :)
Getting some air during a game. Photo taken by Bruce Supanik.
State Finals photo. #John Cratit #11 #SM

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Essie "Butler Please"

Hi guys!

I'm here in Lakeland, fl for my baby brothers basketball tournament, and wanted to do a quick post. I'm so glad I decided to download the blogger app for iPhone, because I wouldn't be able to write up this post otherwise.

Here's a couple of pics from the other day when I had on "Butler Please" from Essie's winter 2012 collection. This blue is absolutely beautiful, but the formula was a pain to work with. It was very thick and inconsistent. I highly suggest putting some thinner in the bottle and giving it a good shake before you use it. Anyways, it's still pretty, and I got lots of compliments when I wore it. Enjoy the pics, and see you later!