Monday, May 27, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon InstaGel strips in Ziggy Zaggy

Hello, everyone!

I hope you are having a restful Memorial Day weekend. I have a very quick post to show you featuring one of my favorite nail things, nail polish strips! I have been changing up my polish more often than usual, so I decided to put on a set of Sally Hansen InstaGel strips to give my nails a little break. I'll probably wear these for the rest of the week. Here they are in their Ziggy Zaggy design.

You need to have an at-home gel system in order to use these. Sally Hansen has their own led-lamp (I purchased the mini one) and gel top coat to use for these. The directions are easy to follow.You can purchase the strips and kits at CVS, Walgreens, Ulta, and Target. Have you tried these out yet? This is my second time using the InstaGel strips, but my billionth time using any kind of Sally Hansen nail strips. What can I say? I love these things! Ha! See ya with a new post in a few days :)

                                                                       - Tiff

Thursday, May 23, 2013

White Hot Heat Mani #3...Birdman! Birdman! ...Nails!

Hello, everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around in a while. It's silly, really. The main reason as to what has been taking me so long to come up with a new post is because I was dealing with one nail art fail after another...LOL. One of my dear nail friends sent me a nail art package out of total kindness, with stamping plates, feathers, and studs; so I can get started with using stuff like that. When I say it took me forever to get the whole stamping thing down, I really mean's nearly 20 tries for ya? Let's just say that after a few pointers from my friend and other nail buddies of mine, I was extremely happy with the almost-perfect result I got in the photos below. The frustration I was dealing with had to do with this cute little flame basketball design you will see on my index finger. Considering the amount of tries it took me to get to that point, I was happy to keep it. Using the "Plastic baggy method" I managed to place the image closer to where I wanted it. Anyways, here's my next Miami Heat mani just in time for game two of the Eastern Conference Finals. I decided to do a Chris Andersen (AKA Birdman) - inspired mani using the feathers and basketball image. I hope you like it!

As a base, I used two coats of ManGlaze Mayo, followed by one coat of Nicole by OPI All about the Glam. I used a thick black polish for the basketball stamp, and free-handed the number on my pinkie nail.

Well, there is my very first somewhat successful nail art attempt. I have to say that despite the imperfections, I'm quite happy with it. It's all about team spirit, and I am sure you can see that here. Stay tuned for any more nail art manis I will have in the future. Thanks for taking a look! Go Heat!

                                                                        - Tiff

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hare Polish "Asteroid Turf"

Hi there!

I'm sitting in my living room watching some NBA basketball action while writing up this post. The other day, I was able to score my first Hare Polish via a blog sale. I couldn't figure out why anyone who has this polish in their stash would be willing to sell it. Well, what ever the reason, I'm not complaining what so ever that I can claim this adorable polish as my own now. I have been wanting this one for a while, and I am so glad I was able to grab it. Here is "Asteroid Turf".

Asteroid Turf is a bright green jelly packed with pink glitter. This was just two coats! I love it. Great formula, nice and even. 

You can purchase Hare polishes from Llarowe and directly from Hare Polish.How do you feel about this one? I am really liking what I have been seeing from indie polishes lately. See ya next time :)


Friday, May 17, 2013

Holographic Ruffian Mani

Hi guys!

Today I have a quick post featuring my first try at the Ruffian manicure. I have been loving this look for quite a while now, and decided to give it a try with two of my favorite holographic polishes, OPI DS "Desire" and "Glamour".

Not bad for a free-handed job, right? I would have loved to have used a guide to get the rounded edges perfected, but I had done this very late at night, and didn't have any around the house.

I wish I could tell you where to find these Designer Series OPIs, but I can't. These beauties have been discontinued for quite some time. Some ladies have been lucky enough to find them at some of their local salons. Luckily there are plenty of holographic polishes out there that can provide the same effect as you see here. I would say the Layla Hologram Effects are the best, and have the strongest holographic effect. How do you think my first Ruffian attempt came out? I actually really like this, and can't wait to try it again. See ya next time, and thanks for taking a look!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Jindie Nails "Princess Consuela Banana Hammock"

Hey there!

Today I have another super cute indie polish to show you. I was able to grab this polish, from a super popular Jindie Nails brand, from llarowe's last restock. This is my first Jindie Nails polish, and I'm so glad that I was able to snag it before it sold out. Here is "Princess Consuela Banana Hammock".

PCBH contains bright pink, orange, and red glitters in a neon yellow, jelly-ish base. This polish is so much fun, and I got quite a few compliments while wearing this. I used three coats of polish, with some placing of the glitters on each nail. I love how it turned out!

I think this polish makes such a great addition to my indie polishes, and I honestly can't wait to get more. You can purchase Jindie Nails nail polishes from and directly from Jindie Nails. Have I convinced you to try Jindie Nails, if you haven't already? Be sure to check out her Facebook page as well for any updates! Thanks for taking a look, and I'll see ya next time :)


Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Ten Friends "I'm from the Future"


I have to say that seeing the positive attention that my blog has been getting lately has really put a smile on my face. It was so much fun being able to do my very first guest post on my nail friend Lakeisha's blog, Refined and Polished. Becuase of that, my Facebook Page has reached 50 likes... that may not be a big deal to some, but it was a great moment for me, being a newbie blogger and all. With that being said...on to some nail polish!

I have another indie post for you, feauturing "I'm from the Future" from My Ten Friends.

"I'm from the Future" has blue, gray, silver and holographic glitters in a light shimmery base. I layered two coats of this polish over A-England's "Dorian Gray".

I think the holographic glitters are the stars of this polish, for sure! :)
 This is my fourth polish from Mei-Lynn over at MTF. I think her polishes are fun, and I love the outer space theme she has going on. You can purchase MTF polishes from Etsy here. Also keep up with this indie brand via Facebook too. What do you think about this polish? I really like it! TTYL ;)

                                                                           - Tiff

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Illamasqua "Scarab" with a Jamberry accent

Hi there!

I have been having a super busy week. I feel like I can finally get to the computer and post about what makes me happy, and takes some of the edge off ...nails! Here's a nice vampy mani I did a few days ago with an accent nail using a Jamberry shield. This was my first time using Jamberry and an Illamasqua polish. I was able to score a few polishes from this higher end brand at a Sephora at JCPenney's; which normally retail for $14 each, on sale for only $7! Yay! Here's a quick pic...

Here I have on two coats of Illamasqua "Scarab", a glowing vampy red, with the lace Jamberry shield.
I found the application process of the Jamberry shield to be quite interesting. They require heat activation, so a blow dryer is needed in order for the adhesive element to work.Other than that, it's the same as applying any other nail sticker. If you look closely, you can see that I got a little bit of a wrinkle towards my cuticle. I might have rushed through the process a bit, which may be why it didn't come out perfect. One of my nail buddies, Shea, sent me a sample to review here on my blog. She is a Jamberry consultant (think Mary Kay, but for nail stickers), and a total sweetheart. Here is a link to her webpage: Have you given Jamberry a try? I am considering getting their basketball designs before the NBA playoffs are over. Talk to ya later!

                                                                      - Tiff

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jade Irresistivel

Hello, polish friends!

It has been a very rainy week here in Miami. I put on this beautiful nude holographic polish from Jade a couple of days ago, and couldn't get enough sunlight to take pictures of it until yesterday. LOL. Good thing Jade holos hold up very well, because what you're going to be looking at below is day three of wearing it! Haha... Here are pics of "Irresistivel".



I did two very quick coats of this color, followed by a coat of "Out the Door" topcoat, as I was on my way to work the morning I applied this (before I got in the car, of course...). You can buy this color and other Jade polishes at Are you a big fan of holographic nail polishes? I think this is one of my favorite finishes, for sure. See ya next time :)

- Tiff

Thursday, May 2, 2013

"White Hot Heat" playoff mani with ManGlaze "Mayo" and Kiss "Bustier"


I have another playoff inspired (black and white) mani to show you. I looked through my nail polish stash and grabbed "Mayo" from ManGlaze, a white matte, and used some Kiss nail sticker accents on the ring and thumb nails (Bustier design). I hope you Heat fans out there like how it came out, and that I don't get any side-eyes from non-Heat fans...LOL. Here we go...

I used three coats of "Mayo" for the fun of it, but I really could have gotten away with just two. After the polish dried, I applied the nail sticker accents.

ManGlaze is one of my favorite indie polish brands. Matte polishes normally don't have the best wear time, but these have lasted on me for just about a week before I became obsessed with changing my color every two to three days ;) As far as the nail stickers go, I think they are perfect for a special occasion or a fun night out. They have a bit of a texture to them, so I couldn't see myself wearing them as long as I wear nail polish strips that lay completely flat on the nail. If you want to give ManGlaze's a try, you can purchase their products on Amazon. Also "like" their Facebook page to keep up on any updates and hilarious posts from them. The Kiss nail stickers can be found at CVS, Target, and Walgreens. Do you like how this mani came out? Are you glued to the tv during the NBA playoffs like I am? LOL. Later, nail polish peeps!

                                                                           - Tiff