Thursday, October 31, 2013

1-year blogaversary post: SOFLAJO Spider Funk

Hello, everyone, and happy Halloween!

Can you believe that today marks the one year anniversary of my blog? I can't either! Today I have a super cute indie nail polish to show you from SOFLAJO. Jody, a fellow south Floridian and the creator of this indie brand, was nice enough to give me a bottle of this amazingly sparkly orange number at a nail bloggers meet up a couple of months ago. I knew this one would be perfect for Halloween, so here it is on the blog today! Enjoy! 

This polish looks great on its own after two to three coats, but I decided to layer it over some undies. I layered two coats of "Spider Funk" over Bettina "Pumpkin Pie", and I love how it turned out. You can purchase SOFLAJO nail polishes here, and be sure to follow Jody on Facebook too! I hope you guys have a safe Halloween! The dance studio where I teach at is closed today, and I'm wondering if I should go on my evening jog while dodging trick-or-treat-ers! What to do, what to do... lol. Anyways, let me figure that out and  I'll see ya next time with a new post!

                                                                         - Tiff

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects "Patch-O-Lanterns"

Hello, there!

I hope you are having a good Monday so far. I have quite a busy nail week ahead, with Halloween, the UM vs FSU fottball game, and a dance show I'm attending on Friday... This should be fun, none the less! Anyways, here's another Halloween look for you below. I decided to go through my nail polish strips stash for this cute Jack-O-Lantern  design from Sally Hansen.

I believe this design came out last year, but it may also be part of the current Halloween line up. Walgreens has had the best selection of the Halloween Salon Effects, and I have also heard that you can find them at Big Lots; in case you decide you want to dress up your nails with these in the next couple of days. What do you think of "Patch-O-Lanterns"? I think these would make a great addition to any Halloween costume! See ya with a new post soon!

                                                                       - Tiff

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Mani 2013 #1: Sinful Colors "Black Magic"

Hi, guys!

This up and coming Halloween will mark my being in the blogging world for a year...already! I can't believe it! I've learned so much from so many of my amazing nail friends, and I still have tons to learn in order to take my blog to the next level. Anyways, it's about time I show you guys a Halloween-related mani, right? I stopped by a Walgreens one day and found a Halloween display from Sinful Colors. This dark grey and orange glitter mix is called "Black Magic", and here's how it turned out on me over two coats of Zoya Kelly.

The formula of both polishes was great, and I think "Kelly" is a great grey to layer "Black Magic" over. I've seen "Black Magic" worn on its own, but I feel it looks much better when layered. Would you agree? Do you have any go-to polishes for Halloween? If you're a working girl and want something festive that doesn't draw too much attention while you're on the job, then I would think this Sinful Colors polish would work just great. See ya next time with a new post!

                                                                             - Tiff

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Camo Ruffian mani with Incoco "Tailored Fit" nail polish strips

Hello, everyone!

I am really liking the post I have lined up for you today. I have noticed that camouflage colors are very much in right now, and I love how some nail companies are featuring them in different nail products. Being the huge fan of nail polish strips that I am, I had to snag a set of these camo-inspired hounds tooth appliques from Incoco's Fall line. I thought it would be cool to layer them over nail polish, so I applied them a little higher than my cuticle over Essence "Walk on the wild side" to create the look you'll see below.

This is my second time creating a look like this. The Essence polish is from their "Colour & go" line, which dries quickly. I loved how I did not have to wait too long for the polish to dry before applying the Incoco appliques. You can find a great selection of these Essence polishes at Ulta stores, for $1.99, and Incoco nail polish appliques from their website for around $8.99 per set. What do you think of this look? Are you into the camo trend too? I'll see ya next time!

                                                                     - Tiff

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Scratch Roppongi Glam nail wraps over holographic gradient

Hello, everyone!

I have another exciting post to show you featuring one of my favorite nail wraps brands, Scratch. The brand new nail wraps company teamed up with nail artist Britney Tokyo for their over-the-top October monthly mani box, with three amazing designs.  I once again had a very hard time figuring out which set of nail wraps to go with first. Last month's box featured the idea of clear nail polish wraps that you layer over any polish or your bare nails, and this month's box has the same idea. I decided to go ahead and continue with holographic gradients, as I'm really starting to get the hang of them, and layered Scratch's "Roppongi Glam" wraps on top. I hope you like how this came out!

I used three holographic polishes from Layla's Hologram Effect line (all of which I found on clearance at Ulta!). I started off with Fnug aqua fix base coat (some holographic polishes need an aqua based base coat), then used two coats of Layla "Mercury Twilight" silver holo. I then sponged on "Flash Black" and "Ocean Rush" acouple of times for the colors to really pop. Once everything was dry, I layered the "Roppongi Glam" nail wraps on top, just as I would a regular nail wraps manicure. I then topped everything off with Seche Vite top coat, and voila!

I just love the idea behind Scratch and the fun and unique nail wraps designs they offer every month. Visit their website to find out how you can order individual nail wraps and sign up for their Monthly Mani Box. What do you think about how this look came out? Have you tried Scratch yet? See ya next time!

                                                                         - Tiff

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sally Hansen InstaGel Salon Effects in "Croc me up"

Hi there!

I hope your Monday is off to a great start. I have another Sally Hansen InstaGel Salon Effects post for you today. Remember that these InstaGel strips are just like the regular Salon Effects strips, but with a gel top coat that has to be cured with a led lamp. I had a hard time choosing from my stash of these this past weekend. My choices were between this crocodile print that you're about to see, and a shimmery leopard print (both by Sally Hansen). I asked my nail buddies in a nail group I'm in on Facebook to help me decide which design to go with, and the croc design got a couple more votes than the other. I'm glad I ended up putting on this set because it's not so often you see crocodile print on nails, and this one just screams "Fall" to me. Anyways, here's how "Croc me up" turned out on my nails...

What do you guys think? I really like the shimmer behind the crocodile scales (spots?). It really makes it pop, and it makes me think of a nice designer bag. I got this set at an Ulta store a while ago, and these surprisingly were in the clearance section. Sally Hansen must be coming out with new designs very soon. You can also find InstaGel strips and their led lamps at CVS, Target, and Walgreens. Now on to some good news...

This upcoming Halloween marks my one year anniversary in the blogging world, and though I'm still a newbie blogger, I thought I'd celebrate somehow. I will be making an announcement on my Facebook page this week, so make sure you are connected with me on Facebook so you will be able to find out! Thanks, and I hope to see ya there!

                                                                       - Tiff

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cult Nails "Flushed"

Hello, and happy Friday!

Today I have a super quick post featuring this beautiful nail polish from indie brand Cult Nails. I'm normally not a big fan of purple, but this polish was just too pretty to pass up! Take a look at the photos below to see why... I used two coats of the polish with top coat in all of the pics.

See? I told you this one is a winner. I just can't get over that glowing flash of pink shimmer and how well it contrasts with the purple base. It looks like today was a great day to do a Cult Nails post (check out their Facebook page to find out why!). You can purchase from their website, and they also offer free domestic shipping. Have fun taking a look at all the awesomeness Cult Nails has to offer! If you plan on going for the sale, I hope you don't have too much of a hard time deciding! ;) If you could only get one, then I would recommend "Flushed" for sure. See ya next time!

                                                                           - Tiff 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Mani 2013

Hi there, everyone!

Today I have a manicure dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. I am joining other nail bloggers who are painting their nails in honor of the many lives affected by this illness. You will see in the pictures below that I created my look in a couple of different steps, completely changing up what I had originally planned. I hope you like how it turned out!

What you see here is two coats of Essie "Off the Shoulder" with Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Booty Camp" layered on top :)

My original plan was to just use the Salon Effects strips for a full mani, but I thought it would be neat to layer them over pink nail polish to create a ruffian look. I thought the pink camouflage design was perfect for a Breast Cancer Awareness mani, as the millions of people who have or are currently fighting this cancer are true fighters. When I got this set of Salon Effects from a nail group swap last year, I knew I had to save them just for this. My mani is dedicated to all of the women, men, and their families and friends who have been affected by Breast Cancer.

                                                                     - Tiff

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Melodi nail art sticker in s1107 design

Hello, there!

I thought I would have had this post published on Monday, but a curve ball got thrown my way in the form of an awful neck ache that kept me from doing my nails as planned on Sunday. I managed to deal with the pain yesterday and do not only a mani, but a pedi too. Anyways, here's the reason behind the post and why I wanted to have it up and ready on MONDAY: I'm a big fan of Justin Timberlake, and if some of you know, today [Monday] is the day that part 2 of the 20/20 experience is released. I ordered some Melodi nail wraps from the Born Pretty Store a few weeks ago, and decided to get these cute "suit and tie" looking designs. What better day to put these up on the blog than today [Monday]? Haha ;) here are the pics below.

I really like these a lot. I wasn't quite sure what to think of these nail wraps from the Born Pretty Store, because I haven't seen many reviews on them; but because they're made of polish I decided to give them a try. I did top them with a coat of Seche Vite to seal the nail wraps and add some shine to them.You also can't beat the super low price and free world wide shipping they offer. What do you guys think of these? Will you be jamming out to JT's music today [all this week]? See ya next time