Friday, June 27, 2014

Scratch "Little Darling Beach Bum" Nail Wraps

Hi, everyone.

I have some super adorable nail wraps to show you today. I have some more wraps from my favorite nail wraps company, Scratch, and their Monthly Mani Box for June was so much fun. The first set I used from this box was designed by Lynette Cenee, a licensed cosmetologist, and she drew inspiration from Beatle's song "Here Comes The Sun". If these wraps had come to me in the mail a couple of weeks ago, it would have been perfect. I choreographed one of my dances for my younger students to that song, and I think they would have gotten a kick out of seeing me wear these at recital! Check out how they look on me in the pics below. 

The cute bikini nail wrap is actually a mostly clear one that allows for the Bikini design to be layered over any color; in case any wearers want match a nail polish closest to their skin tone. I don't have any nudes closer to my skin tone, so I went with a shimmery brown color that I thought would look nice. Also, on my index nail is a palm tree charm that was included as an extra in my MMB. Every box that Scratch sends out includes a special gift or two, one nail art related and one just for fun (this box also cam with a pair of sunglasses!). Once the nail glue used to apply the charm dried, I sealed all of the nail wraps with my favorite top coat, INM "Out The Door". I love how this manicure came out, and I love the song it was inspired by! 

So, what do you think of this look? How are your summer manis coming along? See ya next time! 

- Tiff 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scratch Nail Wraps in "Prismatic"

Hello, again.

I'm back with a new Scratch nail wraps post. Here is another amazing design from Scratch's collaboration with nail artist, Chelsea King. This was the last set of nail wraps from the monthly mani box they came in, and I have to admit I was a bit sad when I put them on! Haha! I guess I could always order some backups later, if they haven't sold out by then. This box has got to be one of Scratch's most popular, if I am guessing correctly. The designs definitely speak for themselves! Here's "Prismatic" on my nails from when I wore them the other day. 

Beautiful, right? Keep in mind that these wraps are inspired by what Chelsea normally does by hand... Amazing, colorful, creative. 

If you missed out on the monthly mani box (this one is from May), I believe individual sets of Chelsea's wraps are available for purchase from the Scratch website for $12 a set. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Half Moon Mani using Layla Hologram "Ultra Violet" and Polish MyLife "Pumpkin Mashup"

Hello, everyone!

I'm very glad to be blogging again! I want to let you all know that my students' dance shows went very well. It was so great seeing my choreography performed on stage with all the makeup, costumes, and lights! Now I can just focus on teaching technique for the remainder of the summer, to make sure my kids don't get rusty; and I'm glad to see the great turn out of kids tapping with me this summer too! So as you can get an idea about, recital time is hectic; I didn't even have time to ask anyone to make some guest posts for me during my brief time away from here. It's all good though, and it ready to get back into the swing of nails again. 

The other day, a nail buddy of mine, Lakiesha of Refined and Polished blog posted a look using some nail vinyls from Miami Handjobs. Nail vinyls are becoming insanely popular, as they offer an easy way to spice up any nail look. I was really impressed with my nail friend's mani and was looking to try something new in the nail department; so I decided to take a look at Miami Handjobs. Four nail vinyl designs ended up coming my way from them, and chose to use the half moons first. The colors I used are Layla Hologram in "Ultra Violet" and Polish My Life in "Pumpkin Mashup".

The color combo might be a bit odd, but I like how this mani came out. I had originally planned on using a red holo and nude creme combo, but I felt like that's been done quite a few times already... I wanted to take a bit of a different route. I've used the Layla hologram polish many times before, but this was my first time using "Pumpkin Mashup" from PML, a polish had been aiming to get for quite some time. I love the formula, and how the color works with my skin tone. 

As far as the half moon guides go, I thought they were great- not too tacky (sticky), yet adhering enough to ensure a clean line with the polishing. I can't wait to use the other sets I ordered from Miami Handjobs, and being a Miamian, I got my order super fast. I will definitely turn to this company for all of my nail vinyl needs from now on. 

So, what do you think? Not bad for my first mani back as a blogger? Lol! See ya next time with the post I've got lined up next for you guys! :) 

- Tiff 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Compulsive nail polish strips in "Pastel Tribal Eyes" Design

Hi everyone!

Today I have another post featuring some nail polish strips, but this time from a brand that is completely new to me. I stumbled upon Compulsive Nails nail polish strips on Instagram one day, and I was intrigued by the owner, who happened to be in college at the time, who designs the images herself and gets them printed with nail polish ink on thin pliable strips. I saw her tribal-inspired nail strips, and given that I love the tribal trend , I had to give them a try. Being that Alex, the company founder is also a fellow Floridian and lover of nail polish strips, it made my choice to go ahead with my first order that much easier. See what they look like on me in the pics below. It was a very cloudy and rainy day when I took these pics, so unfortunately there's no sunlight here :(

I haven't exactly nailed the claw pose 

Since this was my first set of nail strips from Compulsive Nails, I had a bit of difficulty choosing the right size for some of my nails. The shape of the strips threw me off a bit, but not so much for me to dislike them. Wear time was very good; I wore them for about five days before changing my nails for my next mani. Removal was a bit different as well. I soaked the nail strips with pure acetone, then they easily peeled right off. I then wiped off the adhesive that was left behind with more acetone. Not difficult at all. Overall, I really liked my first set of nail strips from Compulsive Nails, and I will definitely grab some more in the future. I also got tons of compliments when I wore these from friends and strangers while out and about! ;) 

So, how do you like these Pastel Tribal Nails? I absolutely loved them! 

Ok, about my next post...I'm not so sure when that will be... Maybe Wednesday, maybe Friday, maybe next week. I have two dance recitals coming up (one this weekend and one next) ; and if you're a dance teacher like me, or even a dance parent, you know how hectic this time of year can be. Through all the craziness though, I'm still excited to see my kids perform my choreography on stage (for those who don't know, I'm a tap teacher). Wish me luck! I'll see ya soon! :)