Friday, July 4, 2014

Compulsive Nails "Tribal American Flag" Nail Polish Strips

Hello, everyone!

Happy Fourth of July! 

Today I have some super cute and festive nail polish strips from Compulsive Nails. I ordered these a while back, and knew they would be perfect for today. Let's get to the pics, shall we?

Cute, right? I love how Alex (founder of Compulsive Nails) combined the tribal look with the American flag. I don't think if ever seen a look like this before. :)

Even though this is my second time using Compulsive Nails polish strips, I had a bit of trouble choosing the correct size for some of my nails; especially for my index nails that seem to be a bit narrower than the rest. Luckily each set of nail strips comes with plenty of sizes to choose from, just in case you make a mistake. They also peel off easily if you need to reapply them. In the end, it was worth the little trouble because I got lots of compliments on these when I was out and about,and I love looking at them myself! As usual, I start off with a base coat , then finish them off with top coat for some shine. 

What do you think about these nail polish strips? Do you have a festive look on your nails today? I hope you have a happy Fourth of July, and I'll see ya with some new posts next week :) 



  1. Wow these look great! Especially for the 4th of July today too.

  2. Awesome! Happy 4th of July