Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Incoco Nail Polish Strips in "Spring Fling"


I had a great, relaxing week at my grandparents' house, and now it's back to my usual Miami city life. I put on these super cute floral nail polish strips from Incoco, one of my favorite nail appliques brands. Check out the photos below of the design called "Spring Fling". 

As usual, I start out with my favorite base coat (Top 2 Bottom by Orly) and finish off with Out The Door from INM; which you see me holding in the photos. This combo has been working for me for so long, and it keeps my manis together long enough while I'm in between looks. 

So, I know it's still super cold in quite a few of the states right now, and we've been in what we consider cold weather here in Miami too! LOL...  ;) ... Anyways, flowers always brighten up any mood brought on by chilly or cold temps, hence the reason for me applying these "Spring Fling" nail appliques. How do you feel about these? Are you as big of an Incoco fan as I am? See ya next time! Maybe I'll be able to pull off a Valentine's Day look before the week is over :) 

- Tiff C 


  1. Pretty spring colors and design!

  2. I like your nails, you have beautiful long nailbeds!