Tuesday, February 3, 2015

OMG Nail Strips "Kapowski" with pictorial


I'm away for the week at my grandparents' house, and decided to put together a new post featuring a little how-to. The folks over at OMG Nail Strips were kind enough to send me a couple of nail strips designs to review for you guys, so here we go...

I am pretty much following the instructions that are given on the back of each pack of nail strips, with a bit of the techniques I've become accustomed to over the years on my own. This is only my second pictorial so I hope it is easy to follow along. Check out the how-to below, and the super cute design called "Kapowski".

I like to use a base coat every time I give myself a manicure, even with nail trips. As you see in step 1, I am applying my favorite (Orly top 2 bottom), and letting it dry before I continue.
 As far as the tools I use, I always feel that an orange stick and cuticle nippers are your best friends when applying nail strips. The orange stick helps to flatten out any wrinkles you have (as you see me doing in step 3). The instructions on the back of the package suggest trimming the nail strip down to size if needed. I love cuticle cutters like the one you see above because they allow for an easy grip and a non obstructed view to your nail while you're working with them. I like to trim them down on both sides of the nail wall after I've used an orange stick to flatten it out as best as possible (skip ahead to step 4 if this isn't needed for you). I also like to trim the free end down  bit before filing off the excess on the edge to better ensure that I won't file off too much. Make sure you're filing in a downward motion, and gently! ;)
Step 5 might seem  little off, but I wanted to try something that the guys from OMG used to suggest from the beginning, and that's going over the nail strip with a bit of acetone. I used to stay away from this step when I used these nail strips previously, because I was worried about wiping off some of the color. I decided to try it by using regular everyday nail polish remover (not the pure acetone type), and using a q-tip to swipe a little bit over the nail strip. It is believed that this will help the nail strip flatten out and adhere to the nail better, and from what I can see, it does help. I don't think this step is a must, as I use nail strips all the time, and never do this. I'll just say that it's completely up to you! Finish off your mani with your favorite top coat to seal everything in.

So, what do you think? I love the color combinations and this geometric pattern. I plan on keeping this on for the rest of my trip!
If you like what you saw today, check out OMG Nail Strips here. They are currently offering a 5 for $25 promotion with the code "5pack", and a 10 for $45 with the code "10pack". OMG Nail Strips are also on Etsy too! I recommend you check them out, as this is my second time using their product, and I really am pleased. See ya when I get back to Miami next week! :)
- Tiff