Monday, January 28, 2013

Another ManGlaze Mani!


Last Friday was my baby brother's senior night basketball game. I knew I wanted to paint my nails for the game, and his school colors are orange and brown. I immediately knew I wanted to go through my ManGlaze collection and pull out "Butt Taco" and "Santorum"... LOL... I showed my nails to my little brother after the game, but I did not tell him the names of the polishes... haha ;) I'm a huge ManGlaze fan, so I was excited to try to do a tape mani with these two colors for South Miami Senior High School spirit!

What you see here is after my second attempt. My first attempt with the striping tape was a total fail. My first coats of polish weren't dry enough, and I forgot to take off some of the adhesive of the strips I had cut. Waiting until the underlying polish is completely dry, and making the tape less sticky definitely helps. Hopefully I'll be able to attempt more complex designs next time. How do you like how this came out? I was very satisfied with it once I got the hang of it!

- Tiff

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