Friday, June 14, 2013

NCLA nail wraps in "Stephanie's Galaxy"

Hello, polish enthusiasts!

I have a super quick post for you today. I have had my eye on the galaxy nail trend that has been going on lately. NCLA teamed up with some celebrity nail stylists to create some beautiful new designs for nail wraps, including the amazing galaxy print "Stephanie's Galaxy". Here is how they turned out on me.

Here is how my right hand turned out.
I topped these off with a wet-look, super shiny top coat to make the design pop more...not that it doesn't on its own. Ladies that have curvy nail beds like myself can minimize wrinkles by pulling and stretching the wrap on the sides and upwards towards the end of the nail before filing off the excess in a downward motion. I placed each nail wrap in the right spot near the cuticles first, then pulled, stretched, and smoothed them out until I got it as good as I could get it. I feel like these are fun for a special occasion, and  NCLA has incredibly creative designs that provide instant nail art. These would be absolutely flawless if they were made out of actual nail polish, though. That's just my opinion. You can purchase NCLA products from their website. What do you think about these? I hope I'm not considered to be a cheater for using nail wraps to get the galaxy look! lol. See you next time.

                                                                           - Tiff

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