Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July-inspired mani with Jindie-Pendence and True Azul

Hello, everyone!

Today I have a quick post featuring my 4th of July nails. A few weeks ago, I was able to get the highly sought after and limited-edition "Jindie-Pendence" from Jindie Nails. This polish is just too adorable. I decided to pair it up with "True Azul" by Nuance from Salma Hayek (Available at CVS). Check out the pics below to see how it came out!

I layered two coats with some "placement" of the glitters over a white creme to preserve my bottle as much as possible.

I can't remember how many bottles of Jindie-Pendence were available, but I snagged bottle #89! I love how every bottle is numbered so you know exactly which one you got! So cute.  

In all, I love how this mani turned out. Jindie-Pendence is one of the most adorable and fun combinations of patriotic-colored glitters out there! I think "True Azul" goes great with it, and even matches the blue glitters a whole lot better than I was expecting. I am honestly really looking forward to seeing everyone's 4th of July mani's this year! This was my first one as a blogger, and it was really fun putting this one together. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and that you have a great 4th of July with your friends and fam! See ya next time :)



  1. Awesome 4th of July nails! :)

  2. So pretty! These two do look great together, fun yet understated.

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad I decided to pick up that Salma Hayek color, and a couple of others!