Monday, March 3, 2014

Scratch Pisces Nail Wraps


I cannot believe that March is already here! This year is going by way too fast... Anyways, I was so super excited when Scratch released their Pisces-inspired nail wraps last week; and since I am a Pisces I had to pick these up! I absolutely love the colors, the design, and the super fashionable midi ring the wraps came with too! 

Quite a few people have been making negative comments about these wraps, much to my surprise, but as I said above I absolutely love them. I guess some people are not happy with the color scheme of these, but If you read the description on Scratch's website, you will better understand the color choices the artist (Katie E. Lehman) used. I was too excited to even read the description, as I put these on right away when my package arrived, but the colors do make me think of the 70s. They're just so funky and fun. 

What do you think of these? Do you think they represent Pisces well? See ya next time!



  1. What a fun nail wrap! The design on it is great too :)

  2. Love the designs and colors, great job!