Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hare Polishes in "Dancing Bird of Paradise" and "Neon Palm"


Today I have two polishes from Hare Polish that I had been wanting for such a long time. These beauties were on my wish list for weeks, until I decided to get them for myself for my birthday. It had been a while since I wore any polishes from this brand, so I was excited to see what these glitter-packed creations would look like on me. Both of these polishes are amazing and I'm happy with how they came out, and they covered nicely in two coats with some Gelous on top for good measure. Check them out in the pics below. 

"DBOP" just glows. I'm normally not a huge fan of pink (though I'm forcing myself to use it more), but this one was calling my name and I had to go with it. It is hard for me to find a pink that I love with my skin tone, but I think the hint of magenta is was what makes it pop on me. Not to mention the neon pink square and circle glitters that also make it unique amongst a lot of indie polishes out there. 

"NP" was the one I had been wanting the longest, and I think this one is just so cool. The weather has been a little bipolar here in Miami these past couple of days, so what you're seeing in those pictures are after two to three days of wear. I had been waiting for the sun to shine in order to snap the best shot possible, and finally the sun cooperated with me the next try.

I bought my Hare Polishes from Llarowe, and there is also an Etsy store.  What do you think of these? What are some of your favorite indie polish brands? See ya next time :)

- Tiff


  1. Both are pretty! I really like Neon Palm!

  2. Love! I think DBOP is my fave. I like loud and bright colors.

  3. Love it Tiff, both colors are bright and playful!