Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scratch Domestic Construction Nail Wraps in "Rising Sun"


I had originally scheduled this post to go up on Monday, but because I love these Scratch nail wraps soooo much, I couldn't wait until then. Today I have tribal-print nail wraps from Scratch, in collaboration with Domestic Construction, that are mostly clear. I thought about which color to layer these amazing wraps over for quite some time after I received my monthly mani box last week, and I finally settled on the beautiful green that is Zoya Shawn. Check out the pics below!

Ah... so pretty, right? I have not been able to stop looking at my nails since I applied this mani a day ago. What you see above are two easy coats of Zoya "Shawn", then the "Rising Sun" nail wraps applied on top; once the polish had completely dried, of course. For good measure, I always apply some top coat after I have applied all of the nail wraps. I feel that this helps them stay on a bit longer, and gives them a very nice shine.

So, what do you think of this look? I am honestly in love with all things tribal-print, and I don't see the trend going away any time soon. I'm also glad I decided to go with green polish, as I feel it helps the design really pop! Have a great rest of the weekend, and I'll see ya next time!

- Tiff


  1. These look like such fun nail wraps. Very cool design.