Friday, May 9, 2014

Cult Nails "Falling Hard" with nail art

Hi, everyone! Happy Friday!

Today I have another post featuring a nail polish from Cult Nail's latest collection "It's a New Day". If you read my previous post, I had said that I was going to use the yellow polish next, but I couldn't think of a look using that one that would have been interesting enough for me (not that that polish doesn't look great on its own). I basically ended up going with "Falling Hard", and did some more nail art by drawing some houndstooth patterns with my Sally Hansen nail art pens. Take a look at the pics below to see how my nails turned out.

And the polish on its own, in two coats with top coat...

If you preordered the collection like I did, you know that your package included a stamping plate with some really cute designs. I have not managed to successfully transfer a stamping image on to my nails yet, so I just decided to go with some hand-drawn nail art again. That was way easier for me, and much less frustrating than attempting another stamping look. Oh, well. I like how this look came out anyways, and this was just my first time drawing houndstooth on my nails... Not bad! 

I highly recommend Sally Hansen's nail art pens. If you can draw fairly well, then you can easily create any kind of nail art look you want with them. They retail for about $6 each, and can be found at Ulta, CVS, and anywhere Sally Hansen products are sold. 

To grab "Falling Hard" and any other Cult Nails polish that interests you, order them from their official website here. There's a 20% off sale going on now, and the presale for their May colors has also started ($24 for the set)... There's lots of trouble to get into! ;) Have fun! 


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