Sunday, June 22, 2014

Half Moon Mani using Layla Hologram "Ultra Violet" and Polish MyLife "Pumpkin Mashup"

Hello, everyone!

I'm very glad to be blogging again! I want to let you all know that my students' dance shows went very well. It was so great seeing my choreography performed on stage with all the makeup, costumes, and lights! Now I can just focus on teaching technique for the remainder of the summer, to make sure my kids don't get rusty; and I'm glad to see the great turn out of kids tapping with me this summer too! So as you can get an idea about, recital time is hectic; I didn't even have time to ask anyone to make some guest posts for me during my brief time away from here. It's all good though, and it ready to get back into the swing of nails again. 

The other day, a nail buddy of mine, Lakiesha of Refined and Polished blog posted a look using some nail vinyls from Miami Handjobs. Nail vinyls are becoming insanely popular, as they offer an easy way to spice up any nail look. I was really impressed with my nail friend's mani and was looking to try something new in the nail department; so I decided to take a look at Miami Handjobs. Four nail vinyl designs ended up coming my way from them, and chose to use the half moons first. The colors I used are Layla Hologram in "Ultra Violet" and Polish My Life in "Pumpkin Mashup".

The color combo might be a bit odd, but I like how this mani came out. I had originally planned on using a red holo and nude creme combo, but I felt like that's been done quite a few times already... I wanted to take a bit of a different route. I've used the Layla hologram polish many times before, but this was my first time using "Pumpkin Mashup" from PML, a polish had been aiming to get for quite some time. I love the formula, and how the color works with my skin tone. 

As far as the half moon guides go, I thought they were great- not too tacky (sticky), yet adhering enough to ensure a clean line with the polishing. I can't wait to use the other sets I ordered from Miami Handjobs, and being a Miamian, I got my order super fast. I will definitely turn to this company for all of my nail vinyl needs from now on. 

So, what do you think? Not bad for my first mani back as a blogger? Lol! See ya next time with the post I've got lined up next for you guys! :) 

- Tiff 


  1. My favorite colors, love this match together!