Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sara M Lyons Cats & Crosses and Cute & Sleazy nail decals


We're half way through the week! 

I am really excited to show you this look I have today. I discovered artist Sara M Lyons on Instagram, and immediately became a fan. I first saw her 90s inspired nail decals (which I'll have here soon) and then decided to check out her Etsy shop and get a couple of nail goodies from her there. I decided to grab some of her faulty nail decal sets (the errors are hardly noticeable) because this was first time trying them out, and they were available at a discounted price. I love cats, so I went with her "Cats and Crosses" and "Cute and Sleazy" design packs. I used them both to create the look you'll see in the pics below, and I love how it came out!

What I love about Sara's decals besides the illustrations themselves, is the fact that they have adhesive on them, so all you have to do is cut out the decal you want to use, place it on your nail, and submerge the nail in water; the paper backing slides off after a few seconds. Sometimes the hardest thing about using nail decals is placing and keeping them in the exact spot you want them, but these make that so much easier. It is suggested, as with most decals, that you wear them over light colors or pastels, so you can see the images clearer. The polishes I used are Zoya "Kristen" (thumb nail), and "Throwing Shade", and "Life is But A Cream" from Jenna Hipp. 

So, what do you think? I love Sara's illustrations so much; she definitely has a new fan over here! She also makes me want to put my drawing skills to work and create my own nail decals. Stay tuned, we'll see how that goes. I think you should support artists like her, and many others out there. Check out Etsy and see what cool things you can find. Thanks for taking a look today!

- Tiff