Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Orly nail polish in "Starburst"


I'm happy to finally be blogging again! I've been super busy between my two jobs (teaching and working at the ticket office of a sports arena), but I managed to paint my nails! I would never leave the house with bare nails, of course... There's always time to put on a couple coats of polish ;) At one of my last trips to a Sally's beauty supply store, I browsed through the clearance section and grabbed a couple of Orly polishes that caught my eye. I don't happen to have many polishes from Orly in my collection, so I was looking to try something somewhat new. One of the Orly's I picked up is from their Spring 2014 collection, but the color combinations in it remind of Fall, so I decided to put it on just the other day! Check the polish in "Starburst" in the pictures below.

I wondered at first how the formula would work, since most indie polishes (it can be assumed that is where the inspiration came from) with the same idea of glitter mixed in a milky base tend to be a bit clumpy. "Starburst" went on quite easily for me with two coats that dried fairly quickly. I also did not need to "smooth" out the glitters like so many of us do with glittery polishes, using the handy Gelous nail gel (also available at Sally's and CVS); as the glitters spread out very evenly across the nail. Even though this polish is from a spring collection, I feel it would be perfect to wear this time of the year (see the red, yellow, and orange glitters? Can we say Thanksgiving colors, maybe?).

I hope you liked this nail polish as much as I do. It looks like Orly is trying get more creative with their color combinations; that's always a good thing in my opinion. I'll see you with a new post later this week! Thanks for taking a look.

- Tiff


  1. That's an interesting crelly color. I quite like it.

  2. Fun colors, love it!