Thursday, November 8, 2012

Obama Nails!

Hello again!

I was a little nervous about making a somewhat political post this week, but my friends told me they thought I should be sharing my Election Day 2012 mani with you viewers. I then decided to share their nails as well!

The company Minx announced they were launching nail designs inspired by election 2012, featuring the faces of President Barack Obama, Governor Mitt Romney, and each party's mascot. As soon as I saw this announcement show up in my Facebook news feed a few weeks ago, I immediately showed my friends at work. I thought the nail designs were super cute, and a fun way to take off some of the stressful edge elections can bring sometimes. Me and two of my friends ordered a pack from the Minx "tasting room" together from their website, and split the pack of 18; giving us six designs each to work with as accent nails. No matter where you stand politically, I hope you only look at this post as three friends coming together in a fun way about the things they believe in, while having cool-looking nails at the same time!

Here is what I did with my nails. I covered my thumb, ring and pinkie nails with the Minx stickers, and then painted my index and middle nails with a polish from China Glaze. This shade is called "Man Hunt" from their 2012 Fall collection. I really love this color and how well it worked with the Minx stickers.

Either I can't believe how nice these cell phone pics are, or I am in serious need of a newer and cooler phone...maybe it's a bit of both. LOL. My friend Libia's nails came out perfect, and these pics definitely show that. 

These nails belong to my buddy, Valeria. She was actually able to cover all of her nails with her six stickers because of her small nail size only needing half of a sticker for each nail. She got great use out of these, and I think they turned out awesome on her!
For fun, I made this cute little collage of all of our manis together using the nifty Pic Collage app. I was able to make this right from my iPad.

 Well, that concludes this post. I hope you guys enjoyed viewing it, and if you have any comments, please keep them strictly nail-related and not political. Thanks!!!
- Tiff  


  1. How cool! I love that you all were able to share the pack! :)

    love it!

  2. So cute!!! Love that you included your friends.