Monday, November 12, 2012

Soo pretty!

A few weeks ago, a nail polish friend, Erika from Polish Fixation grabbed me a bottle of this polish from a brand called Soo Nails while making a stop at a beauty supply store during her vacation in New York. I am so glad she did because this is the most amazing and unique grey I have ever seen! The formula of this polish was awesome. I got perfect opacity with two easy, quick-drying coats. This polish doesn't have a real name, it just says "#s185" on the bottom label. If I were to give this polish an official name, it would have to be "Grey Gorgeousness" lol ;)

 I was only able to take photos of this look  from my cell phone, so hopefully you can somewhat see the really cool darker grey flecks in the polish from one of these shots. My digital camera is out of commission right now, so it's either my older version iPhone or my mom's digital camera for my nail pics... Hope you enjoy this post, and try to snag this polish for yourself if you're ever walking around in New York!

- Tiff