Friday, November 2, 2012

Nail Strips Mania!!!

Hello again, nail polish lovers!
If you saw my first post, I mentioned that I have a little thing for nail polish strips. I've used many different designs from different brands over these past couple of years, including Sally Hansen, China Glaze, OPI, and Minx. Instead of waiting until I use another set of strips for my next mani, I decided to share with you my most favorite manis I've done with these, that I just so happened to take photos of, before I started blogging. This may be a bit of a pic-heavy post, but I hope you enjoy looking at these designs as much as I do!

China Glaze: "Beyond Baroque" design. This design is so gorgeous and unique. China Glaze's nail polish apps are probably the thickest I've used so far, which I found to be helpful when I didn't place them correctly on my nail and needed to readjust them. I wore these to a dance performance last month.

Sally Hansen: "Sticks and Stones" design (Inspired by the Rock of Ages Movie). I really loved this funky look! It adds a nice rock and roll touch to your nails with out being over the top. The contrast between the red, black, and white worked very well with my skin tone. I wish I had bought a back-up pack of these in case I wanted to feel a bit like a rock star again in the future...LOL ;)

Sally Hansen: "Mod about You". There are no words to describe how in love I was with this pack! Being an artsy person, I feel like this design suited me so well. I would have kept these on for more than a week, had I not spilled top coat all over my hands, ruining this mani, after trying to save the bottle I had with a few drops of polish thinner last year! I had them on for just three days before my clumsiness kicked in that day... You can bet I definitely snagged a back-up set of these!!!

OPI: "Girly Glam". Ok, this is an awful cell phone pic. I didn't realize that the fuzziness of this pic was coming from those gel phone cases that end up getting all stretched out and in the way sometimes after having it for a few months. My gel case stretched to the point where it started to cover up the bottom part of the lense of the phone. Anyways, this was my first pack of OPI polish apps. I grabbed these from Ulta one day last year, and really liked them. They weren't too thick, or too thin. They were very nice, easy to apply, and I plan on using more of these from OPI again soon.

Minx: "Technical Tribal". These are not made from nail polish. These are what I like to call "nail foils" because they give you that foil/metallic look that you just can't get with regular polish. You still apply them  pretty much the same way as you would the others I have mentioned, except when you are ready to remove them, you rub them to warm and then peel off; rather than using nail polish remeover to take them off. I also feel like foils last a bit longer, for those of you who like to keep your manicures for as long as possible. I am usually itching to change my nail look after four or five days (often times sooner than that), but I remember keeping these on for about two weeks. The compliments I kept receiving on these from friends and strangers kept the urge to change them away! ;)

Sally Hansen: "Rock N Roar" (also inspired by Rock of Ages). Another set of cute leopard print apps for my nails. Story of my life. I loved this look. What more could I say?

Sally Hansen: "Fur-ocious Vocals". Sally Hansen teamed up with singer Avril Lavigne to design a collection of these last year. I saw the display and immediately gravitated towards the leopard print ones...Shocker!!!!

Sally Hansen: "Kitty, Kitty". Last, but not least is the design that started my obsession with nail strips and possibly leopard print too. Yes, this was my very first mani using nail apps ever. It's no surprise that I kept with using the ones by Sally Hansen  because they're easy to use (once you get the hang of the application process), and easy to obtain. These can be found at just about any CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, etc.

Well, I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of my favorite nail looks from these past couple of years. I have a nice stash of nail strips left to use for special occasions, and you will definitely be seeing them here and on Facebook if you just so happen to be connected with me there. TTYL, polish fans! Thanks for taking a look!