Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pink Leopard Nail Fraud Polish Strips

Hi Guys!

    For my "Valentine's mani" I decided to use a set of pink leopard nail polish strips from Nail Fraud that I got from a blog sale. As you know, I'm a huge fan of nail polish strips, so I was excited to try these from a brand that was new to me.

    I loved the design, but felt what ever these strips were made from is a bit strange. They say on the package that they are made from nail polish, but they didn't have that recognizable polish smell. Also, because I always top my polish strips with a coat of top coat to finish it off, I did so again here...big mistake. These bubbled up immediately afterwards. It was such a bummer. They went on perfectly smooth, and quick, as I loved the size of the strips; but they did not like top coat what so ever. These would have come off today if I didn't have a cut near my cuticles that hasn't healed yet (don't want to get any nail polish remover on that!). I did manage to get some compliments on these... I just told people not to look at them up close!

    Hopefully you don't see the "bubble-ness" too much here. I plan on using my other set of Nail Fraud strips, and I will definitely skip the top coat next time. I am not sure where you can get these from if you wanted to. Their Facebook Page hasn't had any activity on it in a long time, and I haven't gotten a response from an email I sent to an address on their website weeks ago. I really hope that this brand hasn't gone away, because I have seen some cute designs from them that I am wanting to try, such as their smiley face design and ethnic tribal design. Have you ever used Nail Fraud's before? I'll see you next time!
- Tiff 

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