Saturday, August 24, 2013

My favorites from Sonnetarium's Spring 2013 collection

Hi there!

Ok, I know I am super late with these polishes. You will have to forgive me. This is what happens when you rack up a whole bunch of polishes almost all at once and have a hard time figuring out which ones to wear next. I remember being in such a hurry to order these one pay day, and I just wore them a few days ago... Better late than never, right? Here are my picks from Indie brand Sonnetarium's Spring (yes...Spring...) 2013 Fresh collection. I used three coats for each polish (three coats over a white base for Banana Pudding), followed by quick-drying top coat.

"Banana Pudding"

"Blueberry Yogurt"

"Cucumber Salad"

How yummy are these? I have ordered from Sonnetarium before, and I absolutely love their mini-sized bottles. Hopefully they don't look funny in these pics; I have very long hands and it gets a little tricky holding some mini bottles in an attractive way. The Fresh collection is still available on the Sonnetarium website, and they even have a new collection out now. I would definitely recommend checking them out.  Have you tried Sonnetarium polishes before? They have some really great glitter combos! See ya next time :)

                                                                         - Tiff

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