Monday, December 23, 2013

Scratch nail wraps in "Deer Gold, I heart U"


I hope you are having a great time in between getting ready for the holidays! It can be stressful at times, but hopefully you are done with the crazy mall crowds and are able to just relax and enjoy your friends and family.

One of my favorite nail wraps companies, Scratch, has collaborated with artist and designer Emily Wagner to design a collection of nail wraps for the holidays. I am showing you "Deer Gold, I heart U" in the photos below, along with some gold studs a nail blogger buddy gave me. I hope you enjoy!

When I first saw this design, I couldn't really tell there were deer shapes incorporated in them. I think it's really cool that you have to look closely in order to tell! The wraps look cool from far away, and up close... Don't you think?

Check out Scratch here, on their website, so you can get all the info on how you can subscribe to their monthly mani box and purchase individual nail wraps. With Christmas coming up in a couple of days, you will be seeing another post from me featuring another Emily Wagner collaboration. I just can't decide between snowflakes and red with gold plaid at the moment. I guess you'll see soon! LOL. Until next time...

                                                                     - Tiff


  1. Looks great! White and gold go well together ;)

  2. Hi.I just started reading your blog about a week ago.I love reading your posts about these Scratch nail wraps. From what I've seen, they are very flexible. I have some nail appliqués that are so rubbery and thick.:-(

    1. Hey, Nathalie! Thanks! Yes, the Scratch nail wraps are very thin and flexible. They work very well for those who have very curved nail beds. Thick, sticker like appliqués like those from jamberry wrinkle up and refuse to lay flat on nail beds like mine. Those are definitely better for ladies whose nail beds are more on the flat side. I know where you're coming from!

  3. Great design for Xmas, very pretty!