Monday, December 30, 2013

Sea Lore "A-Dory-Ble" and "Arista"

Hi, there!

It's about time for a new post, right? It's also about time for a post featuring some polishes made by a very good nail buddy of mine. First off, let me just say that this time of year is not my friend. 

It never fails; I can almost always count on being sick around this time of the year. I want to say I started feeling under the weather the day before Christmas, and I am just starting to get better now. At least I'm not battling the flu like I was at this very same time last year! Not fun... Any ways I have a couple of polishes to show you today from my nail friend Jamie, who is the creator of Sea Lore nail polishes. She comes up with the cutest glitter combinations every year, and I'm glad to say that some of hers are a part of my indie stash. Here are "A-Dory-Ble" and "Arista" in the pics below. 

"A-Dory-Ble" (inspired by "Finding Nemo") is a super cute blend of blue, yellow, and black glitters in a thin blue base. This is one of Jamie's latest polishes. I decided to layer two coats of this polish over two coats Loreal "Jet set to Paris" to preserve my mini bottle. 

This is "Arista". I ordered her quite a while ago, but decided to save her for the holidays. She's an amazing combination of red glitters, some of them square-shaped, in a squishy red jelly base. I got so many compliments when I wore her to a holiday get-together for work. I once again layered over a creme color, a basic cherry red, to save on the Sea Lore goodness! ;) 

If you like what you see above as much as I do, check out Sea Lore's online store. I love Jamie's creativity and passion for all things related to the sea! She's also one of the sweetest people out there, and more than deserving of all the support in the world from the nail polish community. Stay tuned for another Sea Lore post from me soon, with two more fun glitter combinations that are perfect for any time of the year. See ya next time!

                                                                      - Tiff