Friday, August 22, 2014

Compulsive Nails Nail Polish Strips in "Fringe Tribal"


Today I have a very cute set of tribal nail polish strips from Compulsive Nails. Alex, the company owner, sent me a new set to try, featuring a new shape of the nail strips for a better fit. You'll see a comparison photo of my last set and this one to see the difference for yourselves below. I love this blue and purple tribal design! 

As you can see in the photo above, the shapes are quite a bit different around the area that lines up near the cuticle. This change helped me to see which nail sizes were best for me this time around much easier, while I wasted a couple of them on accident trying to pick which ones to apply the last time. I definitely think the shape change works much better for me... Success! Apply your favorite top coat, and you're ready to go show of your incredible mani! :) 

If you love rocking instant nail art, but aren't quite a nail artist yet, I highly recommend you try Compulsive Nails if you haven't already. I'm especially loving Alex's tribal designs, as I feel they're great to wear any time of the year, and everyone loves the look. You'll definitely get lots of compliments wearing these eye-catching designs, and it's always great to support small businesses. 

I'll see you guys again next week for Michael Jackson week here on my blog. Don't forget to get your MJ-inspired glitter bomb manis ready for the 29th! See you then!


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