Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jenna Hipp "The New Moderns" Nail Art


In my previous post, I told you all about my first experience with Jenna Hipp nail polishes (available at Costco), and how much I like them so far. Well, I had the itch to change that mani after just a day, and throw on some of the polishes from the "The New Moderns" set, and try a bit of nail art too. I had been wanting to give the fishtail look another try, so I chose some colors that I thought would look great together. For it being just my second attempt at the fishtail braid, I think it was much better than my last! Hopefully I'll get better at it from here...Take a look at the pics below! :) 

I painted three thin coats of "This Is My Jam" on my index, middle, and pinky nails. It's a beautiful burgundy red polish with subtle gold shimmer through out. I then "braided" the colors "Throwing Shade", "Better Slate Than Never" and "Sherbetcha", giving each strand a minute to dry before painting on the next. The braid could have been a bit tighter, but I'm happy with how the mani came out over all. What do you think? Don't forget to check out these polishes and other products part of the Jenna Hipp line up at your local Costco if you're a member, or online for members and non-members too. See ya with a new post real soon! 

- Tiff 

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