Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Scratch Nail Wraps in "Shark Week"

Hi, everyone!

I am super excited about this post I have up for you today. One, it's the start of "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel, and there are these amazing nail wraps I have to show you, inspired by this anticipated tv event. My favorite nail wraps company teamed up with the amazing nail artist Nina of Nina Nailed It to create these super adorable shark nail wraps. When the Monthly Mani Box that included these wraps arrived at my door a few weeks back, I knew I had to hold these in my stash until this week. I immediately started to contemplate looks for them, and I had a lot of fun doing it! I hope you like this look as much as I do! 

There's a lot going on here, but I think it still looks great. Some of these nail wraps have clear elements to them (the "shark bite", sail boat, anchor, and shark face), which allows you to layer them over any polish you want; or over your plain nail if you choose. I wanted to make each nail wrap pop, and use a base nail polish that would work great with each one. I even attempted, and I mean attempted, a water marble too! The water marble didn't come out anywhere close to perfect, but I think I'm finally heading in the right direction towards getting better at it. It's so etching that definitely takes some patience. 

Now, these nail wraps were so popular, that they are unfortunately (for us) completely sold out. Scratch may possibly create a way for people to vote on which sold out nail wraps to bring back, so cross your fingers if you are dying to get your hands on these. They temporarily were available again last week, and they sold out again before I was able to order a back up set. Hopefully they'll make another comeback! Keep a lookout by following Scratch on Instagram (under "goscratchit") to keep updated on what they have going on. You'll never know what fun surprises they'll have in store! See ya next time with a new post. I will be heading out of town this weekend for a tap dance workshop, so hopefully I'll be able to get another post in before then! I've got quite a few Scratch nail wraps I haven't used yet, so maybe I'll show you a couple more sets before I head off. I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do. Bye! 

- Tiff 


  1. Wow those wraps have such a fun design on them! I like them.

  2. These colors make you want to go to the beach! Super fun! !!
    Keep em coming Tiff !!