Monday, August 18, 2014

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in "Black Grey Rattlesnake"

Hi, everyone! 

So I'm back from having an amazing weekend of tap dancing. I have the achyest feet ever, and did not get a chance to do my nails again between that time and my last post, but the experience I had made it all worth it. I did manage to do my nails late last night, so today I have a quick post with an oldie, but goodie. 

I decided to go through my nail polish strips stash and go with a set that had been sitting around for way too long. I had these beautiful snake print nail polish strips from OPI just waiting to be used, so I went for them. Despite being in my stash for well over a year, I had absolutely no problems at all when applying them (older nail strips tend to stick to the plastic wrapping they're put in to keep them from drying out). Take a look at the pics below to see how they look! :) 

As of this post, OPI has not released any new Pure Lacquer appliqués. I thought they made these really well; they're not too thick or too thin, and their designs were usually very unique. Because they're made from nail polish, they work very well with any top coat you use if decide to finish of your mani with some. I always use quick dry top coat, and I've never had any kind of shrinking of the nail strips after I swiped some on. I hope OPI decides to dive back into the nail strips realm again in the future, but until then, I still have some more strips from them in my stash! ;) 

So, what do you think about these? I love snake print and I don't see it going out of style ever. See ya next time!

- Tiff 


  1. What a cool design on these nail wraps!

  2. Cool design! Really enjoy your color combinations.