Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Blogiversary to me! And two Halloween manis

Hello, everyone!

Today marks two years of me being a nail blogger. I can't believe it's been only two really feels like it's been more than that to me. My pictures have definitely come a long way since I first started, and I've become more confident in nail art; I especially love the MJ-themed nails I did this year. 

Unfortunately, I've been way too busy with work (I haven't even one day off this week) to think of something special to do for today, like giveaways and such, so I just decided to show you two looks perfect for Halloween today. Check out the pictures below of these super cute looks! 

These super cute nail wraps from Scratch were designed for Dia de Los Muertos (day of the dead), with Jenni of I Spy DIY blog. I thought it would be a good idea to add some glitter to these so I dabbed on "Comet in the Sky" from OPI's holiday collection with Gwen Stefani. This glitter has some very unique color combinations to it! Check out how cool it looks in the bottle  ;) 

This amazing matte nail polish is "Humilty" from Virtuous Polish. I stumbled upon this brand new indie maker on Instagram, and immediately liked what I saw. I believe they specialize in matte polishes, and they offer really bold colors as in bright orange, yellow, and hot pink (which I also ordered from them). They are also super affordable ($8 for regular size) and offer mini bottles. I am for sure a fan of Virtuous Polish! I added a mattified Sally Hansen Salon Effects strip in "Numbskull" as an accent. This was my first time applying matte top coat to a nail polish strip, and it worked out great. I should probably try to do this more often. I really love how matte looks on the nail. 

So, I just want to say thanks for following my nail blogging journey so far! I might still be in the newbie phase and have just a small following, but I do appreciate it. Thanks so much and have a safe Halloween weekend! 

- Tiff 


  1. Love the first manicure so much! Happy blog anniversary and happy Halloween to you!

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary! Love the purple matte polish.

  3. Happy blogaversary! I really love this matte polish!