Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Eve Pedi

Happy New Year's Eve, every one!

I just got back from Orlando. I was there for my baby brother's basketball tournament. It's his senior year, so I want to make to as many of the big games as possible. As soon as we got back home, despite how tired I was from having to wake up super early to get on the road; I immediately started working on my nail looks for New Year's.

The owner of the dance studio I teach at gave me a couple of sets of nail stickers from the brand Kiss, and I decided it was time to finally use them. After all, they have been sitting in my nail stickers stash since she gave them to me last year. The design I used here is called "Bustier", and because these have see-through areas, I thought it would be nice to put them on over a color. I painted two coats of China Glaze "Ultimate Holiday", followed by a coat of Gelous (sold at Sally's) and top coat to smooth out the texture. When the nails were dry, I then applied the stickers on top. The adhesive was very good, and these were easy to apply. The pack comes with 28 stickers; enough for a mani and pedi if you choose. My big toe nails are super wide, so I actually ended up applying them side-ways in order for them to work. LOL. Hopefully you won't be able to notice that too much! ;)

Hopefully the yellow tone and sparkle of "Ultimate Holiday" is a bit more apparent in the close-up shots.

I got these Nail stickers as a gift, so I can not tell you how much they retail for. I can tell you that I always see them at CVS and Bed Bath & Beyond, and that they can't be more than $8. I consider that very good for the 28 stickers that are included in each pack. What do you think about what I did here? What are you planning to do tonight? Be safe, and have fun!

- Tiff

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