Monday, March 4, 2013

China Glaze Sneaky Snake

 Hi Polish Peeps!

I'm back from Lakeland. My baby brother's team, the South Miami Cobras, finished as the runners-up in the State Finals. I'm proud of how far they made it. They faced a very tough team in the championship game, and hung in there. I think they had a great season overall, and making it as far as they did is a big accomplishment in my eyes. Since their mascot is the Cobra, I decided to apply these China Glaze nail polish strips in "Sneaky Snake" design for the weekend before we traveled up there.

You can't really see it any of these pics, but I do have on a coat of Northern Lights. I really wanted to get a good pic of this look in the sunlight, but there wasn't much of that this weekend here in 

 You guys already know how I feel about China Glaze's nail polish strips...I love them! I've got a whole bunch of them in my stock pile of nail stickers/polish strips, so there will definitely be more posts about them here in posts to come. Here are some pics of baby bro and the team from these past couple of weeks. I love my little brother so much, and I know I'll be seeing him play basketball on a bigger stage in the future. <3

                                                                       - Tiff

Me and my bro after they won their regional finals game on their home court.  :)
Getting some air during a game. Photo taken by Bruce Supanik.
State Finals photo. #John Cratit #11 #SM