Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NCLA "Secession Strikes"

Hi Guys!

I had a great birthday. I spent the day relaxing, watching some basketball, and topped it off with dinner at Flanagan's with the family. Overall, I would say that the day went very well. I've been having so much fun with all this basketball going on. The University of Miami (the []_[])  won the ACC championship game, and the Miami Heat just beat the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight (in a nail-biter), keeping their winning streak going at 24 games! So exciting!

On to nails... I used this pack of NCLA nail wraps a few days ago, in the Seccession Strikes design, and here's how they came out on me.

I absolutely love the ikat design, but I'm not sure these came out perfect on me. These nail wraps are stickers; they are not nail polish strips. If you look closely, you can see some wrinkles here and there. I have seen these on other people, perhaps with much flatter nail beds than mine, and they looked absolutely perfect on them. People with curved nail beds like me, may have the same trouble I did when trying to get them perfectly flat. Maybe stickers don't work for people with curvier nail beds? Obviously, these didn't come out atrocious, but they could look better on me. I say, if you're lucky enough to have flatter nail beds, definitely go for it; and if you have super curved nail beds like me, then it'll take some skill to make them nice and smooth- if possible.

Nail polish apps definitely work better on me, but NCLA's designs are too beautiful to ignore. I ordered another set a couple of days ago when they had certain designs on sale, and I'm willing to give them another try. Perhaps I'll use them for accent nails, and really concentrate on getting two wraps per hand perfectly smooth instead of trying to do a full mani. It would be so nice if these were made from actual polish! Speaking of actual polish, NCLA also has a good amount of nail polish to choose from. You can go here for a full view off all of their products and a tutorial on how to apply the nail wraps if you've been wanting to try them out. Have you used any NCLA products before? What did you think? See you next time!

                                                                - Tiff

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  1. Love this design! I've only tried nail stickers once, and they didn't work well at all because of my curved nail beds. Haven't tried the ones made of polish.