Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sally Hansen "Hiss-terical"

Hi polish peeps!

How was everyone's day? I think I had a few great polish-related days this week. The other day I was able to snag some back-up Sally Hansen Salon Effects I found on clearance at Target; one of them came out to only .10 thanks to a $2 off of one coupon. I ordered two very unique holos from Jade off of (I can't wait to show you guys what these look like); and to top it all off, I was lucky enough to get three Nerd Lacquer polishes from Amanda's restock today. I missed her last one by just a couple of minutes (look out for updates here)... I got three out of the four I was dying to get, so I'm super happy, and the fourth I will have to move quicker for during her next restock... LOL. Do I sound like a nail polish psycho? I won't get offended if you say yes ;)

Anyways...on to more green, like I have been promising these past few posts, in honor of Saint Patrick's Day on Sunday. Sally Hansen did an exclusive set of snake-print designs for Target stores a while back, and I was able to get three of them; one of them being "Hiss-terical". I used Northern Lights from INM to give it a little sparkle.

How cute are these? When I bought them, I purposely saved these to wear for March. As usual, I love how SH Salon Effects wear on me...that would explain the large "stock pile" I have of them along with my other nail things. I've got a couple more posts scheduled before this week is over. I've been posting the most I ever have in a single week so far, but it's been fun. See ya in another day or two!


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