Monday, March 25, 2013

Jade "Extasy"

Hi, guys!

I planned on writing up this post last night, but strangely my wifi wasn't working; leaving me unable to use my laptop and iPad. Such a pain... Anyways, here's a quick post featuring a mani I did with a new blue/grey Jade holographic polish called "Extasy".



I used two easy coats of "Extasy" in these photos, along with a quick dry top coat that does NOT kill the hologram effect ("out the door")...YAYYY!!!I think this color is so beautiful.

I love my holographic polishes, and it's obvious that most nail polish-lovers do. This type of polish is always a hit in our community, and my blog posts that have the highest number of views just so happen to be holographic related. Hmmmm.... You can get this beautiful polish and other Jade holos here, on llarowe. It appears that "Extasy" is currently sold out, but Leah Anne always has restocks. "Like" the llarowe Facebook page to keep updated on when certain products are back in stock! See ya guys later! Happy polishing!

                                                                      - Tiff

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  1. Hi Tiff, It is back in stock at llarowe. I also managed to snag Jade Mystic Gold (also from the holo collection) on ebay a while back. Have not used it yet but it looks awesome. Good luck with your blog.