Friday, September 20, 2013

One Direction and Office Depot limited edition Nail Polish

Hi, everyone!

    I am really excited about the post I have for you today. Boy Band sensation, One Direction, has teamed up with Office Depot to create a line of products to help raise money for a new education program aimed at promoting bully-free environments across schools in America. Being a dance teacher that works with kids of  different ages weekly, I can see how important the topic of bullying has become within the past few years. One of my nail blogger friends informed me of the nail polish collection that is part of the One Direction and Office Depot partnership, and I decided to stop at a store on my way home from work to purchase it. The collection of polishes includes five different colors; on each bottle is the name of one of the 1D guys on one side, and a positive word on the other. Let's go ahead and get to the pics I have of each polish below.

Zayn- "Unique": This is a bright chartreuse green. I used four coats here, as this polish was a bit on the streaky side. It did even out quite nicely after the fourth coat, and I really love the color.

Harry- "Nice": This is a super bright blue. I am such a huge fan of blues like this! This color just pops so much. I used three coats here.
Louis- "Original": Louis' color is a bright orange that looks great after three thin coats.

Niall- "Confident": This one is a warm-toned berry color. I used two coats here.

Liam- "True": This color surprised me a bit. I don't know why I thought this was purple when I was looking at the package. On the nail, it is definitely more blue than anything. I guess it also depends on what light you're looking at it in, because in the photos it looks purple, while it is positively more blue in person. I really like this color a lot, though I couldn't figure out exactly what it was at first...haha ;)
     Overall, I think this set is a great addition to my nail polish collection. I love the colors, and despite having to use three coats for the brighter colors, I thought the formula in all of the polishes was great. I swatched these here, to get these up on my blog for your viewing as quickly as possible, but I definitly plan on wearing them as full manis real soon. I love the idea of One Direction speaking out about bullying in schools and that they are utilizing their popluarity in support of a very important cause. I think very highly of these guys. When I'm teaching my little ones, I love to play their music in class, and even just for myself when I'm not at the dance studio. I have numerous songs of theirs on my playlist for iPhone that I listen to during my long jogs (the more up-tempo songs I have on there, the better!).                                                                                        

     I never quite understood the negative stigma attatched to being in a boy band, and probably never will...LOL. I think these guys are super talented, and great guys overall. I even saw them in concert this past summer, and was very impressed. They definitely have this 25 year-old's support! If you would like to join the cause and purchase this limited edition set of the 1D nail polishes and the numerous school supplies they have for yourself or the 1D fan in your life, stop by an Office Depot near you, or shop for them online. Thanks for taking a look at this post, and I'll see you next time!

                                                                      - Tiff :) 

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