Monday, September 23, 2013

Textured mani with Zoya Chita and OPI What Wizardry is this?


Today I have a super quick post about a mani I wore this past weekend. I finally got around to snagging some textured polishes, and I have to say that I really like this current trend. I decided to use Zoya "Chita", a polish from the brand's Fall Pixie Dust collection, and OPI's "What Wizardry is this?"; a Liquid Sand polish from their Oz collection, as an accent. Take a look at the pics below! I used two coats of each polish.

Overall, I really like this look, and I got quite a few complients on it. The formula of both polishes was great. As I mentioned above, I used two coats of each polish, but I could have gotten away with just one. They also dried fairly fast. I bought my polishes from a local nail supply store, but you can also find these polishes at Ulta stores, and Zoya sells their Pixie Dust line on their website. What do you think about textured polishes? Do you think these two make a good pair? See ya next time!

                                                                        - Tiff :)


  1. These both look great on you! I haven't tried any of the OPI ones, but I love this brown on your complexion.

    1. Thanks, LJ! I love both of these colors. I'm surprised the brown came out so well on me.

  2. Love the colors and texture!