Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sally Hansen InstaGel Strips in "Walk the Catwalk"

Hello, everyone!

I hope you're having a great 2014 so far. I'm actually finding that I am having such a hard time getting back into the swing of my busy schedule! Anyone else feel like that? I thought that what better way to shake off the rustiness I gained during the holidays than sporting some leopard print nail strips, so here is Sally Hansen Instagel strips in "Walk the Catwalk" in the pics below.

Sally Hansen's InstaGel line consists of nail polish strips infused with gel nail polish qualities, including the fact that they need to be "cured" with a led lamp once applied. I wore these during one of the craziest work weekends I've had in a while, and I want to say that they stayed on as long as I expected them to; which was about 5 days before one of the strips lifted up on one side. If you are the type of nail person who prefers long-lasting manis, then this might not be the thing for you. I change my nails quite often every week, so I was satisfied with the few days of wear, as I was already planning on my next mani anyways.

You can find any Sally Hansen InstaGel product from the nail strips, to the led lamps, and back-up top coat bottles at CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Ulta. If you have a CVS store nearby, I would check there first as quite a few of their products are included in the beauty sale that is currently running at most stores.

What do you think about leopard nails? Do you still love animal print as much as I do, or are you kind of over it? See ya in a few days with a new post, and hopefully some more energy! Pass the Cuban coffee, please! ;)

- Tiff