Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Scratch Nail Wraps in "Witchy Woman"

Hello, everyone!

I'm at work trying to get this post up for you, so it looks like this will be a quick one! A few days ago, I wore these awesome Scratch nail wraps to a concert, and decided to take some pics of me wearing them for my blog. The sun was not cooperating that day because it was rainy, so unfortunately you will not see the cool hologram effect of the nude holo polish (Jade "Irresistivel") I layered the wraps over in the pics below. Hopefully you'll still find the design to be as unique and cool as I did! 

I just love the symbols on each nail, and the glitter that is actually built in to the nail wraps. I believe this might be the second set of nail wraps Scratch has created that have the spaced out glitter in them. 

I wish the sun was out the day I took these pics. To me, nothing shows the hologram effect of holographic nail polish light some good 'ol sunlight. I didn't want to wait for the sun to come out any longer, because what you see above is a manicure that is two days old! Yikes! Lol ;) 

So, how do you feel about these? This might be one of my favorite designs from Scratch so far. See ya next time! 

- Tiff