Thursday, October 16, 2014

SpaRitual "Kindness" with "Wicked Bamboo" accent

Hello, everyone!

The weather in Miami is just fantastic today! There is just the perfect breeze going outside, and it is sunny without it being blazing, like the norm here. I am loving it, and can't wait to go for a long jog this weekend!

To match the amazing mood outside, I have a color to show you that just screams Fall to me, even though it is from a Summer collection. In the bottle (which I picked up at a local Marshall's store), SpaRitual's "Kindness" looks like a bright sparkly orange. That kept me from wanting to use it right away because it definitely looked more sunny to me, and here we are in October, needing more rustic colors than summery. When I painted the polish on a nail wheel, I realized that it actually comes out more pumpkin-colored, and I ended up really loving it against my skin tone after I painted the mani you'll see in the pics below. I added an accent using some leftover nail polish strips from Sally Hansen (in "Wicked Bamboo") to add a nice little touch. I hope you like it as much as I do!


Like I said above, I absolutely ended up loving this nail polish! I will consider this SpaRitual polish another great Marshall's find! This brand normally retails for $10 a bottle, but I found mine at Marshalls for $3.99. I would definitely check out a Marshall's or TJ Maxx first if you're wanting to try these.

So, what do you think about this look? I'm glad I was able to put the last of my very old SH nail strips to good use here! See ya next time!

- Tiff


  1. This polish is gorgeous!! Love the shimmer in it. Your accent nail is really pretty though.

  2. Love the color combination, does put you in the mood for Fall.

  3. Lovely and I like the accent nail with it too!