Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NCLA Bibhu Mohapatra Nail Wraps


Today, I have another nail wraps mani to show you, featuring the Bibhu Mohapatra design from NCLA. I've tried these nail wraps once before, and couldn't quite get them to work out the way I wanted to. The second try was the charm for me, as I was very happy with how they came out this time. I thought I would do something a little different by pairing them up with a solid color; I used three nail wraps on each hand, and painted the remaining four fingers with "Who the Shrek are you?" from OPI. I thought that color, though a bit intense, went perfectly with the nail wraps.

NCLA recommends trimming your nails after applying the wraps; if you get a little bit of wrinkling at the tips. I say this suggestion really helps, as the wraps came out much smoother this time. My nails just happened to be at a longer-than-usual length before I applied these, so I still had a very decent amount of length after trimming them once they were in place. Finish off the wraps with a regular-drying top coat. Quick-drying top coats tend to make nail wraps/ polish strips lift at the edges.

 I really like how these came out this time. I got so many compliments on my nails when I wore them. This particular design seems to be unavailable at the moment, but you can purchase other designed nail wraps and nail polishes from the NCLA website. I am dying to get the Galaxy and "I dont play nice" wraps next, and I am also wanting to try their nail polish in "Rock Solid"... On the wish list they go! ;) See ya next time!


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