Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Camo Ruffian mani with Incoco "Tailored Fit" nail polish strips

Hello, everyone!

I am really liking the post I have lined up for you today. I have noticed that camouflage colors are very much in right now, and I love how some nail companies are featuring them in different nail products. Being the huge fan of nail polish strips that I am, I had to snag a set of these camo-inspired hounds tooth appliques from Incoco's Fall line. I thought it would be cool to layer them over nail polish, so I applied them a little higher than my cuticle over Essence "Walk on the wild side" to create the look you'll see below.

This is my second time creating a look like this. The Essence polish is from their "Colour & go" line, which dries quickly. I loved how I did not have to wait too long for the polish to dry before applying the Incoco appliques. You can find a great selection of these Essence polishes at Ulta stores, for $1.99, and Incoco nail polish appliques from their website for around $8.99 per set. What do you think of this look? Are you into the camo trend too? I'll see ya next time!

                                                                     - Tiff

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